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Debt of America

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December 14, 2012 in Resistance


Debt of America
Copyright December 14, 2012
Ronald Boldt

Many Americans turn a blind eye to the very destruction of this country. The excessive debt of not only Americans but of America itself.

The financial collapse of this country is inevitable at the current mentality of the people, elected officials and the Moron in Chief, Obama. When the collapse finally happens it will make the Great Depression look like a dip in the stock market.

In the past few months there have been several countries for the US dollar not to be the World Reserve Currency, when the US dollar does lose that status we will be a Super Power but broke as a monk.

What brought us to this collapse is the very fact that there are too many liberals who demand everything for everyone, from free schooling to free health care, and not understanding there is nothing for free. These same liberals who make up a majority of the people are welfare bums, who would willing go to the slaughter house as long as they got their food stamps, free cell phone and Section Eight Housing.

Our country went from a nation of producers to a nation of consumers in less than 30 years. The unions were the main cause for this as they demanded more money less hours and more goodies for their workers and did not even try to accept anything the companies said. This forced companies to go outside the country where they did not have to tolerate bullshit on the grand scale that Unions and their people demanded.

When a country or any other business can no longer provide goods or services that their own people need let alone those from other countries then they will fail.

When you see a small company fail, you see only a small ripple in the economy, but this affects the whole. When you see a country start to fail you see what the government likes to call austerity.

Obama has taken it upon himself to mandate that the pensions, 401K, and all retirement have a majority of its funds transferred over to either treasury Bills, or Bonds. What this will do is nothing but allow the Fed to transfer your money to overseas banks as one final rip off.

On Jan 11th 2011 report put out by the Congressional Budget Office, the income for this country was 900 billion, the corporate taxes was 200 billion, for a total of 1.1 trillion, whereas the debt was 1.3 trillion. This means that the government is spending more than 200 billion per year then it takes in, now comes the austerity.

To make up for this the Demoncrats have come up with ObamaCare, and more taxes and theft of personal income and retirements, all to try and prop up the government. Even if they double the taxes it will still do nothing to get us out of debt since we will still have 100 billion in welfare programs that need to end.

What these taxes do is nothing more than creates more poverty, less jobs, and more hatred for the government.

What this country needs to do is STOP all give aways, no more money goes out to other countries, no more military aid, no more free food or medicine, no more nothing. In the states we need to stop the freeloaders from stealing everything. If they can work make them work or let them starve.

Obama could have created something like the CCC or the WPA, and yet this nappy headed fool spent most of his first four years on 14 vacations.

To start on the road to recovery FDR started several programs to give people jobs, and to jump start the economy, by building roads, making parks and recreation areas, and forcing the able bodied to work. If they refused then they were not give food shelter or health care.

Today the bleeding heart liberals will say you cannot force people to work, or they will harp that there is no jobs, well who is to blame? Before you say Bush think about it Obama had four years to do something and he did take another vacation and start five wars.

Here is a thought even if the Americans were taxed 100% of their income, it still would do nothing to get us out of debt, since the Obama Zombies will have it all spent and then some even before it would make a dent in the debt.

As a disabled veteran I have gone to the extreme in austerity and I for one will not take much more of this. I have stopped using satellite TV, stopped going to the movies, eating out, stopped smoking, buying anything that was not meant for survival, i.e. food, ammo and arrows. Even by cutting back on all of this, I am still not saving more than $180 a month, yet this will add up quickly. And no I do not put it in a bank I have a safe at home, and the gods help the moron that tries to break in I have several guns and know how to use them.

Today people use credit cards to make purchases and those that do, deserve the screwing that they get. Here is a fact that many do not realize, that a majority of the credit cards out there charge a 35% fee on the purchases, so if you buy a hundred dollar item with the card you are not only charged the tax, but a 35% fee is add so you spent over $150 dollars on a 100 dollar item, so you got screwed did you enjoy it? These fees are charged monthly, and if you make just the minimum payment you will never pay it off in three lifetimes.

Some think well that is ok I can go bankrupt wrong, the new laws out there make it impossible and you can lose everything if you do try to go that route.

And now that you see that simple fact on credit cards look at the Federal Reserve, which is not part of the government but a private bank, charges the government fees and interests in excess of 25% on making and loaning money out to the government.

This means our government can never get out from under the debt that the Fed has create from fiat currency.

The Federal Reserve was created illegally and as such has no authority. If the government was to say that they were stripping the Fed of its power and putting it back in the hands of the government, suddenly there would be now interest on loans of money that is not even worth the paper it is printed on.

The private banks would bitch and threaten to close their doors, but a smart man, unlike those peckerwoods in Washington DC, would simply tell the bankers and Wall Street if they try and create a false collapse, they will all be charged as terrorists and hung. See simple measures will keep these people honest.

From all the bailouts given to too big to fail companies, banks and investment groups, trillions were spent to support these, and today we see they are still doing business as usual, well that is good since the cure for criminal acts is a rope and tree.

Under Obama and his Zombie Administration 86 of the 88 commodities are more expensive today than they were only a year ago. Here is an example:

Oil up 75%
Silver, cotton, coffee up 100%
Tin up 90%
Oats and wheat up 70%

Only two things are cheaper today than last year, eggs and chicken.

And I know the Obama Zombies will bitch that it was G.W. Bush’s fault of these high prices, yeah right and that brown ring around your neck is from having your head up your ass.

What is funny is that there is only one country that we had come to their aid during WWII, and that is Australia, who is making payments on loans they were given by the US, and making payments on leases to US for a lost ship.

All other countries we have helped during WWII have refused to make payments to US, instead of helping them or listening too many who are on NATO, we need to tell them to fuck off and no we will not defend your shores if you do not make payments and do what we demand.

A majority of the countries that belong to the UN had our help throughout the past hundred plus years, and now is the time for both to end, our country aiding other countries and the UN to be kicked out of this country.

Why this government has never taxed the UN for being here is something we the people need to ask. They are a company or a den of thieves, and as such should be treated the same as any other company. Since they are on our shores they must obey what we say or be EVICTED.

The United States government pays better than 75% of the UN funding, if this was to stop the UN would cease to exist, and out debt would drop by billions.

Here is a sign of the times; over 44 million Americans are on food stamps, there is a larger gap between the poor and middle class than ever before, and under Obama and his Zombie Administration the separation of the middle class and rich has more than tripled.

Many will say nationalize the banks, right that works out so great, just look at Russia, Greece, and every other country that nationalized their banks. Wait that is what the elite want. It is easier to steal from one bank then from hundreds of banks.

Obama has his greedy eyes on your retirements and wants to nationalize or in non PC speak, steal the money in your 401k and other retirement plans.

1965 Coinage Act:

There is no federal law that private stores and people must accept the fiat currency that the government issues.

Stores, companies and people can demand gold, silver, or commodities for their services rendered.

Nor is there a federal law that states cannot print their own money or coinage. States can print both paper and coinage to be used within their boundaries and demand only this form of currency to be accepted within their boundaries. Many states today are making coinage and money and backing it with their natural resources, precious metals other resources and services.

This was done from the start of the colonies throughout the 1800’s.

Here is a little known fact that local bank can print their own money, backing it up with gold or silver reserves they have on hand and other natural resources.

Several banks and states had their own mints, and many of these were used until the early 20th century.

The Federal Government and the Federal Reserve both frowns on this, but legally there is nothing they can do.

Those states that are starting to use their own coinage and money is doing so to prepare their people for the fact that our government money is nothing more than a wish and dream and is not backed up by anything.

I have lectured many people in the simple fact that even is the US was to go bankrupt, and the other countries were to call in the loans and T Bills/ T Bonds, if they would read the fine print it is worth nothing since it was no intrinsic value, nor is it backed by real property or commodities.

So go ahead you bankers call in the debt from the bonds and T Bills, all you will get is a notice that the items you are clutching in your grubby little hands is not worth the paper it is printed on.

What can you do to survive is simply this use that fiat currency to buy food, dehydrate goods, ammo and bows and arrows, even heritage seeds, anything that will allow you to survive the coming collapse.

One last thought, when you do stockpile your food, do not tell anyone that you are doing this, Obama and minions of evil have made it a law that it is illegal to stockpile food. That food you bought you did not get it the government gave it to you. Well they can have my food and guns when they pry them from my cold dead hands but remember I will be taking several of those Obama Zombies with me when they try to do the round up and FEMA Camp send off.

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