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dear bob costas

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December 28, 2012 in Resistance


Dear Bob Costas
The unfortunate death of Jovan and Kasondra happened. I know your mumbo jumbo,something
cockamany, wordingis very precise and wellment. It is allNFL reviewed and telleprompted. I agree guns
cause violence. The gun culture is out of control. It makes the goverment less in control, the govt should
control the people! Bloomburg has it right on the money, take away the Big extra Large bubbly slurpies
and sodas!!
Everyone has to make sacrifices so the gov’t must take our spoons because spoons cause
obiecity. I’m your cue , your initiative, I’m turning my Biggest spoon in. I’m sending it to you so we can
collectively fight obiecity. Please  forward my spoon to the proper Autorities so they can melt it down,
{[(Possicomintatus,,,  FOGETABOUTIT !!!!!!!)]}   So the army can protect me on every street corner in
america.  Maybe make cameras or eaven tanks out of these collective spoons..!
We have to ban spoons they make us Fat. Windows cause violence too. People throw people
out of windows.
-Busses run over people.
-Trains run over people.
-Cigarets kill people.
-Knives stab people.
-Bath tubs drown people.

Bob I am soo concerned if you do have a bath tub, which I believe you don’t; because you
are a responsibile ADULT. PLEASE if you do, send it to the scrap yard, .. melt it down and send it
to the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX ..  So they can make guns to protect us  on each street
corner just like in North Korea..!!!
The nay sayers say that; ” Gun control is a ludacris idea. The only people affected are the
law abiding citizens” and that “anyone can buy a gun outside of legal channels” .Thats from “Debb”
I heard it on Fox News.  I say no they are wrong… Guns cause violence, Spoons cause obiecity.
Joe Van Belcher couldnt have killed his girlfriend if he hadn’t had a gun.
-He couldn’t slit her throught
-He couldn’t have strangled her
-He couldn’t have poisoned her.
-He couldn’t have drowned her in his pool.
-He couldn’t have beat her to death,
-Or throw her off his house roof into the driveway.
G.   U.  N.
I have a S. P. O. O. N.    and look at me..!!  I’m turning in my spoon.  Bob turn in your bath tub it
could kill someone.  She’d still be alive today.  This gun culture makes me sick.  Just like the
wild wild west, Dirty Harry  aspect of it, mocho  mocho man aspect, I gotta have that spoon!!
Igotta dig in to that frozen cream flavored with chocolat and cherrys  UM UMM Nyam  Nyam TASTY,
that inner city spoonster RAP,  Nyam Nyam NYAMMM
Some people say some rediculous stuff about me and it really hurts; they call me Mr Ravioly
That tender meaty inside and smooth doughy outside.  Makes me just put my spoon so close to my
heart. I’m out of shape, I’m not healthy the way I need to be…  I need to get off that spoon .. When I
saw you at Halftime on the NFL gun culture hateing session, I saw an oppertunity!! I was like,  YES this
is what hopefully what will turn my life around and get me going in the right direction. Bob call in the
spoons ! Go on AIR and call them in. At least register them. I can do it.I gotta get rid of my spoon.
I can do it .So can they. So can you!
On CNN Fat Busters the Jappenese were told to slim down. Being fat is illegal in japan.
36.6 inches is over weight, Isaw this personaly on youtube!!  Companies and Gov’t agencies must
now measure the waistlines of all employees and family members over the age of 40.  Women over
33.5 inches and men over 35.5 inches are cosidered over weight. Why is this you may ask?. Why
are the Japaneese so fat? Because along came the American hormone laced G.M.O. fast food: Whala
The Big  Big  Big,  Big Mac, Large greassy fries and a leathal aspertane bacteria feessease Diet Coke.
Youu neeed that ASPERTANE ,,,, Yeah Baby!!  Total calorie count = 1,300 .  That’s more than
2 times the FOOKASHIMA radiation Enriched Japeneese healthy fish and tofu meal has.
Its called spoon culture: whats wrong with chop sticks?
In Japan they measure your waste lin, in America they should measure your spoon. they
believe if one person suffers, everyone suffers.When I send my spoon in, I’ll get chopsticks, that’ll
teach me.
I have come to the conclusion that i refuse to live in a country that lets this happen. This
large collective problem exists and has to be fixed. Look at the people in North Korea they’re not over
weight. I bet they’ve got tiny spoons or no spoons at all!! When they get fat they cry away the fat.
Just like at their Great Leaders funeral. They cry and cry and cry for days on end and they’re not FAT!!!
On another note; In Isreal they don’t have Victim Disarmoment Zones like they have at the
USA schools. In Isreal everyschool has lockers full of guns.  I just dont know why terrorists stopped
going there?? Humff , that just makes you wonder!!
Bob help us change this: Take our spoons and cash in at the recycleing bin. Go to
Gov. Cuomo and turn our spoons in to him, and he can pay you for them. He can have a manditory
spoon buy back, so we’ll have no more spoons, we’ll use twigs!! In this country the attitude has got
to change.  This ,I’ll get mine, you”ll get yours, and the hell with everyone else! It’s got to change!!
I mean we have to stop this attitude toward each other and realise these are our fat cells, who are
getting fatter this past decade and if you freat it like that,..%? Man , honestly, I think that if
everyone collectively would have felt like that we would have change in this country. And the
proffesional politician fibbers would respond quickly. If people would just rise up and say damnit,
this is not the america I want to live in. This is too great acountry to let this happen again.I am
not going to let this happen again! I am not going to watch another NFL game either after the next
one of these spoon sessions occurs!! And  Micheal Moore should send in his spoon too.I refuse to
live in acountry that dosen’t measure your spoons.
As I said before I am not leaving, there is noware to run,so what can I do?? Its got to
change! And I invite all americans who felt the way I do. And I believe its the majority will help me
change this, help everyone change this.  Bob give this spoon to Gov. Cuomo so that he can
manditorily buy it back from you just like the guns; melt it down and make more tanks, bullets,
and cameras, and drones to to put on each and every street corner to make sure we dont get FAT.

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  1. Stop gun violence. Disarm the U.S. government!!

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