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Could Texas Secede

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November 15, 2012 in Resistance


Could Texas Secede
Copyright November 15, 2012
Ronald Boldt

Since the last election, with the federal government refusing to listen to the will of the people, here in Texas and elsewhere; a petition was started that already has over 80,000 people who have signed it, stating they desire to secede from the Union.

Many of the liberals will scream that it is unconstitutional for Texas to leave the Union and become a Republic of Texas again, yet what these moronic zombies do not realize is Texas is one of the few states that have within their State Constitution that we have the right to reform this state as a Republic.

Unlike other states Texas was a country prior to joining the Union, which gives it the right to dissolve the Union.

The liberals and welfare recipients will bemoan that Texas does not have the ability to be a separate nation, yet here is the facts which will show not only can we do this we have the ability to function as a true separate nation state.

Unlike the War Between the States, Texas is not an agrarian society, we have become one of the richest states in the Union, and we have been operating in the black for years.

We have infrastructure, interstate highways, mineral wealth which includes oil, natural gas, coal and water; we have refineries, and manufacturing plants; distilleries, factories, and power plants; we have agriculture, livestock, orchards, fisheries, and crop lands; we have timber, lumber processing plants, and quarries; weapon and ammunition plants; we have schools, universities and cultural centers; automobile plants; contractors and architects; rubber plants, recycling plants; hospitals and hospices; military bases, air force bases, and naval bases; naval ports and shipping ports; rail roads and airports.

We have a gross state income of some small countries are one of the richest states in the union. We have a balanced budget unlike other states let alone the federal government.

So the answer is yes we can be a successful Republic, and do not need the federal government passing mandates that threaten our rights and lives.

The rest of the Union could not survive without us, so what are we waiting for?

I have questions the Governor, Lt. Governor along with my federal Congressman Louie Gohmert and Senator Hutchinson office. Each has stated no we should not secede, yet they refuse to allow we the people to put it to a vote. They enjoy too much of the perks they receive from the federal government even though the same government rapes and molest our people at airports through the TSA, send guns to drug cartels which are then used to murder fellow Texans; allow illegals to come into the state without punishing them, refuses to protect our people and then refuses to allow our voice to be heard.

The federal government has used the Electoral College to destroy this country, violate the US and State Constitution but stating Texas has fewer electoral votes than most Eastern States that are liberal zombies. Every state if we are all equal should have the exact same number of Representatives, electoral votes, and an equal say in how and where our country is heading, and if they refuse then why not leave a sinking ship and restart the Republic?

Many welfare people will state what about us well if you don’t like it then leave.

As a disabled veteran some bets will say what about my pension? We are the only state that still respect our veterans, and can still offer and give them their pensions.

The state can create its own currency that would be based not on fiat currency that this country uses but based on mineral wealth, which can then be invested in gold silver and precious metals.

Again I say viva Republic of Texas.

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