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‘constitution free zones’

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February 11, 2013 in Resistance


Im sitting here wondering what the hell happened to us? Im stuck in a country that has become a mockery of itself where they talk of freedom and send our fellow country men to die for something we don’t have. Their talking about, now around our borders we have constitution free zones where you can be searched without justification. So we have constitution free zones, protest free zones, gun free zones, ect. These “free” zones do nothing but stifle our freedom. The only justification I hear from their side is safety. If the road to safety bares this much resemblance to the road that Hitler took, then I don’t want it. I don’t want to be oppressed by my government, I don’t want my fellow people oppressed by our government. Everyman should have the right to defend himself by any means, towards any enemy. Yet the government is acting like you’re the enemy if you stand against globalization and have been removing the laws that protect us against that said government. Did you know if you even conspire to overthrow or reform the government they can strip you of your citizenship with the enemy expatriation act? This is the only duty we were given by our founders in the declaration, the same founders that said we should have a revolution with every generation. Why make laws that protect them from the people and keep the people from controlling and/or changing their own government? that’s not freedom.
Also they want to limit our guns while they expand their drones. We even have a anti-gun ex-cop that’s murdering police while they talk of how their going to catch him with these drones. It sounds like a win/win in their case. Make guns look bad and drones look good. All the while the main stream media fails to cover the prescription meds that all of these people seem to be on… or just coming off of. They create problems then fail to find any real solution to the problem cause their blinded by their own greed. These people don’t care about our well being, freedom, safety, or anything that they should. They only care about that profit. They will give you a pill that fucks you up so they can diagnose you with another problem, so they can give you another pill that fucks you up, and the circle of oppression continues.
People of power that act lawless are never good to a free society. It will only infuriate the people they govern. Free people who cant understand why their government does what ever the fuck they want while the people sit there holding their constitutions crying in the gloom moonlight of a place they call free. If the government acts lawless, why don’t we? If these people are our leaders and the best way to lead is through example, then why don’t we just follow their lead? Why not act as lawless as them and when we go to court we can treat the constitution as they do? Irrelevant. We don’t need documents to tell us how to live, we needed them to tell the government how to govern. But what do I know, im just a man that disagrees with society cause it disagrees with freedom. But democrats tell me that’s a functioning democracy. One this isn’t a democracy, it’s a republic and if it is a democracy, then I want to see the votes of the people who allow this to happen cause I think they act without representation of their people. Oh, wait, that would still be a republic…. Smh. I guess its neither and we live in an oligarchy ran by a bigger oligarchy… We all get played in the end. Its time to start thinking on our own and saying fuck being politically correct in a place where we cant find a correct politician. This is the land of the free, can we start acting like it?… this is just another rant. Stay safe our here and keep up the fight for freedom. – cryptic

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  1. ignore this government,it is illegal and corrupt! Do not comply anymore with all this crap.read and learn the Constitution and Bill of Rights!!

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