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Confidence, Credibility and Mind Control…

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September 12, 2013 in Resistance


As I always do when world shifting events break on the horizon, I keep my eyes and ears open for the Hook… the main thought or theme that is being pushed across the control grid we call the “Mainstream Media”.

Here are my observations on the Syrian situation.

The main hook words so far on this push are “Confidence” and “Credibility”.  The alleged, but as yet unseen and non-vetted, evidence of a Chemical Weapons attack by the Assad regime has been described in many ways by the Obama regime in an attempt to justify an attack, but the term the frontmen and frontwomen return to again and again like an old comfy chair is “High Confidence”.

Keep your ears open and look at the transcripts… the repetition of the word “confidence” is used almost like punctuation, it becomes the period at the end of every sentence for John Kerry on multiple occasions and it begins to take on an almost hypnotic effect. You begin to anticipate when he is about to say it again… and again… and again.

I’m surprised it has not become a College Drinking Game to take a shot when he says “Confidence” in his droning faux aristocratic monotone voice.

The other term, “Credibility” is the push word being used to back up the lack of evidence that they say we should have confidence in.  The justification for the attack has quickly shifted from: “We need to attack Assad because he gassed a bunch of children” to: “We need to attack Assad because the U.S. will lose CREDIBILITY if we don’t.”


Is losing our credibility, assuming we have any left, worth potentially igniting World War III?

Let’s be clear, this isn’t about Assad, Syria, Sarin and dead children, it is about the Obama regime attempting to build credibility to justify the public’s confidence for some larger action in the near future — one that will not be put to a public vote.  The Pawns are being aligned for a much larger move. The Russians have seen it building and are making efforts to head it off by exploiting a bad move by Kerry.

We are not out of this yet.  The Russian Gambit only bought a few weeks at the most.

Perhaps that will be long enough for the truth of what really happened near Damascus on August 21 to be fully revealed before the fog of war fully obscures the rhetoric.

Perhaps it is just enough time for the battleships and armament to arrive in the Mediterranean to have a really big war that will be sold to us with High Confidence and Credibility.


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