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Chris Dorner’s Wallet Found 3 Different Times!

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February 13, 2013 in Resistance


Full Story!: http://www.themediaspeaks.com/2013/02/13/breaking-chris-dorners-wallet-found-three-times/

Dorner's wallet

By Anthony Kort.

UPDATE 2/16/13 5:45pm PST: Dorner’s Autopsy Reveals Gunshot to the Head.[Continue Reading]

UPDATE 2/13/13 1:06pm PST: Authorities have claimed to have found a wallet within the burned down cabin that contained a California Driver’s License with Christopher Dorner’s name on it. This is the third wallet and ID found that bears Christopher Dorner’s name. There were two other previous reports of the suspects wallets being found. The first was when a shuttle bus driver found and turned in a LAPD badge, a wallet and Christopher Dorner’s ID that were turned in to San Diego Police. The second wallet and ID found were..[Continue Reading]

UPDATE 2/13/13 12:20 PST: There are reports of a charred body that was recovered in the cabin fire where a wallet was apparently found with a california driver’s license bearing the name ‘Christopher Dorner’. This conflicts with previous reports from Law Enforcement on Feb. 7th who said they found Dorner’s wallet, including his identification cards at the San Ysidro Point of Entry near the U.S.-Mexico border, reported by..[Continue Reading]

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3 responses to Chris Dorner’s Wallet Found 3 Different Times!

  1. Dorner is dead and the public wants proof, or the police need to complete their report without having any unanswered questions. The shooting of the two women delivering newspapers and the white guy in the pickup truck are examples of police out of control. Those issues need to be quietly swept under the rug. The questions I have are, is what he said about the LAPD true? And, he had no plan of escape and that is how he got trapped. Now imagine if America is put under martial law and you suddenly find yourself on the run. Would you make the same mistakes so many other fugitives make?

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more baneberrygirl! It’s just as believable as them being able to find one of the hijackers passport in the “wreckage” at ground zero. There is an update now though, apparently this is the third wallet and ID found!

  3. How could the police have possibly found a driver’s license in a building that was completely incinerated. What, somehow the plastic driver’s license was miraculously able to withstand the heat without warping? Give me a break. This entire situation sounds like b.s.

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