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Chemtrails/Rt.66~~~Billy Connolly: 2011, IN PLANE SITE!

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November 20, 2012 in Resistance



Friends, had me sit down, and watch “Billy Connolly’s/Route 66”- four part travel from Chicago to L.A. via Rt. 66… As my, Being, settled in to repose, the show began… It was not long before the cinematography seemed more skyward than eye-line Horizon as in most visually centered edited footage. It became apparent that imbedded in this work was the pervasive dispersal of poison from above… Geo-Engineering!

As the route is traveled, and the big sky country births from the polluted city scape, More and More you are seeing ChemTrails. They have them in the sky from start, to the spreading medals and blended toxic wastes, to the grey/brown haze, we have all seen far too often!

Not to be biased, in their subliminal replay, of the Geo-Engineering Program, there are shots with Mr Connolly talking long enough for you to see “Con-Trails” from jets that disappear in short order… 

It was well worth the look I got when they saw the look of recognition on my face as it became ever more obvious that this was the underlying purpose of the series. It may be that you can not film on a clear day without the unavoidable consequence of ChemTrailing in the Background…

Awareness is Preparedness…  Look to the heavens even in the clear of the day to time your outdoor activities…  Watch the trails and the flight paths. Watch how the day dims and unusual visions appear in the sky. Rainbows, Veils of colour, kaleidoscopic shapes, and prismatic rings to name a few. I will say that a good pair of U.V. treated glasses enables better viewing capability…

Have you read the reports of  Hurricane “Sandy” Chronic Cough Syndrome. HUM? Could that be what put so many people in various states from fatigue, to what was called everything from Flu, to Asthma, to… ah, try this, and get some bed rest?

We have to Change Those that control OUR lives… Their goal is the destruction of Life! “They” are Greed incarnate, determined to Lord over Life! There are people, I believe that knowingly, or not, If you give the access for change to the Masses; the Changes that will come to pass, will revert, and return, to what they are meant to Be… This United-States has thee capacity to once again lead the Correct Path. An example setting standards of Ingenuity, and Tolerance, through Empathic Love… A People leading through States Rights, rather than Our now Commandeered Slave-hood brought to bear by Corporate and Delusional Individuals…  So, Survive-All… Eyes to the Sky… Awareness!  

Commentary by Otter Walks on Two Feet…    20/11/2012

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