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CARBON TAXES: The Great Ponzi Scheme

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November 17, 2012 in Resistance


CARBON TAXES: The Great Ponzi Scheme
Copyright November 17, 2012
Ronald Boldt

The globalists, elite and the misinformed people have started to renew there be Carbon Taxes, since Hurricane Sandy. So let’s see what does and does not cause so called global warming and if Carbon Taxes are needed to stop it.

Causative Factors:
1. Solar Heat output.
2. Solar Flares which is correctly called Coronal Mass Ejections, {CME}. Which generate solar radiation.
3. Galactic cyclic events, i.e. the movement of our galaxy in the universe.
4. Chemtrails.
5. Nuke Power Plants.

Non-Causative Factors:
1. Human Population
2. Coal Fire Plants
3. Pollution
4. Livestock
5. Methane from livestock
6. CO2
7. Greenhouse effect from nature.
8. Volcanoes
9. Over population
10. Wood burning stoves
11. Coal fire stoves
12. Cooking

So if everything that the Greeners are saying is not true then why would they demand a Carbon Tax, it is simple they want to get rich and control the masses.

Many of the elite and those like Al Gore own mansions that have a higher footprint than anyone else, such as the simple fact Al Gore spent over 30,000 dollars on just his electric bill last year.

Now if Al Gore, the great moron wanted to end carbon footprint he would not live in a mansion.

Al Gore and the elite want to reduce population saying just man being on the planet is causing this effect, when they all get castrated on live TV, then I will decide should I reproduce or not.

Al Gore and the elite say don’t drive when I see them ride a horse or a bike instead of flying around in a Lear jet or riding in a limo then I will decide if I want to stop driving.

The elite and Al Gore says stop eating meat eat a vegetarian diet, well this proves that vegans and they are morons, since it takes one acre of pasture to raise a cow, that cow can produce almost half a ton of food, yet it takes almost 30 acres of crop land to grow that much. So what destroys more timberland crops or livestock?

The University of Michigan recently gave a grant to study the amount of methane that comes out of a cow, so students went behind cattle as they were grazing, and using a device they captured the amount of methane a cow produced every time it farts. Well that is one shitty job I would never take. What they really needed to do is measure the amount of hot air and bullshit politicos, and the elite put out every time they talk.

The elite and Al Gore says Carbon Trading will save the planet, what it actually does is allow them to pollute as much as they want and not be fined for it.

How does the elite and Al Gore explain that not only Terra Forma {Earth} is heating up, but all the planets is heating up?
Are they going to say well that is due to either escaping heat from earth, or it is an alien agenda to heat the planet up for the Lizard People from Alpha Centari.

This resurgence is due to the Storm of the Century, Hurricane Sandy that hit the East Coast. What does that term mean, storm of the century, it means that every so often there is extreme weather patterns form or you could say, the shit hits the fan to put it simplistically.

It was not global warming that caused that hurricane it could be more easily stated that HARRP created it as a means for Obama to get reelected. So what has more validity, alien agenda, HAARP, or cow farts?

I would love to have the elite, Al Gore or the Greeners call me a moron, stupid, or ignorant on global warming, simply due to the fact I have more degrees then Al Gore has, and I earned mine. He could not discuss anything that was not put on a teleprompter.

So let’s look at Obama ideas about global warming, well it is a great way to tax every man woman and child on the planet, and this much like ObamaCare would do nothing other then destroy this country.

The Carbon Tax is nothing more than a means for the elite to usher in a New World Government, with the elite benefiting from the slave population.

So they want the people to cut down on the population fine they get castrated; they want people to walk fine they give up their jets limos and yachts; they want people to live in tiny homes, fine they live in a van down by the river. If they are not going to do the same then they can take a flying leap off a cliff.

So in conclusion the Carbon Tax is a Ponzi scheme where they get rich and we suffer.

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