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Bird in a Cage

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January 8, 2013 in Resistance


A bird in a cage
is the perfect metaphor
for what has happened
to the spirit of man.

His wings have been clipped.

He looks through the bars
at work, on the clock,
at home
unable to voice his opinion
and rage for the flight
of freedom.

His right to express himself
is now
the hopelessness of boredom
and a wooden pole
to perch on.

He can squeal.
He can shit.
But he’s not going anywhere,
which is just what these bird lovers want,
the ones who own the key to the cage.
They want you right where you are,
colorful without noise,
beautiful without dissent,
totally dependent,
as the world passes like a laughing couple
in a pet store and the music of a classical song
muffled on the other side
of an apartment wall.

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