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Ban Words!

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December 20, 2012 in Resistance


I came across this book the other day and was so freaked out I thought I’d comment on it.

Choice Words– How Our Language Affects Children’s Learning

        First of all the title stinks of foaming at the mouth globalist rhetoric. We should use ‘choice words’ and be careful of what we ‘say’ (use of language) because for our children to be good little nwo drones we can’t be bad-mouthing authority. i.e. they should worship the government.

        Now. This may sound innocent enough to some of you but I read that horrible book The Tipping Point years ago –and so did many presidents and politicians and the whole premise of that book was to introduce a totalitarian police state because any infraction of the status-quo leads to the social-detriment and allows criminality to thrive.

        I’m para-phrasing because I don’t want to even read the words from that un-holy work of evil. Anyway it reeked of the same psuedo-intellectual bull-cr** that this book has except this book is talking about your ‘choice words.’ Hinting at a 1984 where certain ‘words’ are removed for the greater collective social good.

        The collectivists always play on the ‘greater good’ as they see it through their ideology and limited intellect. (to put it mildly)

“As adults, we must be able to use distributed thinking to overcome the limitations of our own experience and logic.”

        i.e. Oh praise big government and authority, we as lowly individuals mean nothing to the greater good and need to enlighten ourselves to ‘see the light’ in the glorious re-education camps.

“Children entering adulthood already apprenticed into these ways of knowing and being will certainly be sought after by both private- and public-sector employers.”

        Oh the collectivists will look after their own. The progeny of the re-educated, properly indoctrinated proletariate will have the opportunity to achieve salvation through the state and power to enforce authority over the chattel. And we will be all loving and kind and the lowly chattel will have no guns either. Oh, praise Authority.

“More important, we live in a democracy, and “strong democracy” [Barber 1984] requires that we have a learning society.” As James Bovard puts it, “Democracy must be more than two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner”

“It is not enough to vote. We must participate in collectively generating the most productive solutions to social problems, with the understanding that we will disagree, and that the disagreement can extend us to possibilities we could not have imagines.”

        i.e. O only us the enlightened over-seers know the true value of life (you useless eaters breeding like rabbits) and I have to choose my words carefully *wipes tear from eye* because you pathetic chattel always undermine me!

        How dare you think of anything. You WILL go to the re-education camps where you will be ‘enlightened’ and about the collective good of handing in your guns and preaching from the Agenda 21 Bible of earth saving scriptures. There are possibilities we cannot imagine (dares not speak of resisting or questioning the Agenda 21 Bible) but ‘they’ will be dealt with forthwith by ‘officials.’

“They must be prepared to have better conversations about education and life than we currently have.”

        i.e. less debate, less words. More ‘choice’ words. Double-plus-good for Agenda 21. Double-plus-bad for everything else. “Better” conversations means less wording, anything which could be construed as being against the collective good and new social norms.

“This is what it means to be an evolutionary, indeed a democratic society.”

        i.e. God is the no.1 enemy. To be truly democratic (i.e. progressive towards social collectivism) … well I think this page speaks for itself.

        Give me a few moments to vomit. Ugh.


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