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An Open Letter To Fellow Patriots – We Have A Way Out (Capitulation Or Showdown)

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March 13, 2013 in Resistance


I can’t remember how long I’ve been listening to Alex Jones lead the constitutional freedom movement, but I do know that I have been a 54 year witness to the degradation of American life and the tyrannical takeover of the United States of America by usurpers of power.

Sometimes, when I’m alone in quiet thought, I think about how sorry I am for this country. I literally swell up with tears at the possible death of a great nation. I remember visiting Gettysburg in Pennsylvania when I was a child and taking in all the great history this country offered. I remember how proud and privileged I was to be an American citizen. I felt like I was a small, but important, part of an exclusive club. I was part of something that most people in the world knew nothing about. How great it was that I was a citizen of a country that, with hard work, moral living and God’s Grace, I could achieve a slice of the American pie. I also knew that the American pie was not a right, but a privilege. The harder one worked the more one could attain. I remember promising myself that when I grow up and have children, that I would, like my father did, make sure they knew the level of sacrifice people gave to secure a future for them. Well, five children later, I can honestly say I achieved that goal. Our dinners are filled with political talk that, unfortunately, most Americans would not understand today. My children know more about current events than most adults. They know that the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land and that we are not a democracy but a constitutional republic, a country of laws and not men. But this letter is not about my stroll down memory lane, nor is it about my children. These words are about the answer to the problem that confronts this nation today, the erosion of quality of life in America by the new world order, the United Nations and the international bankers.

For years I have noticed that most people love talking about the problems that face America today. We rarely talk about the solutions to ending the communist/fascist invasion of our country. The reason for this is because we are so used to being involved in the democratic process that we automatically think the only way we can make change in the United States is by voting the rats out of office. America is a nation of city hall fighters. We are taught that, beyond the democratic process we are familiar with, the When, Where and How of making revolutionary change is limited. We forget that there is another way to take back our country and that it has always been in front of us right from the beginning.  So, to those patriots with the courage to dare something different and to those patriots that want to shake the tree to get the bad fruit out, here is the answer.

I’m sure many of you know that in November 2009 a continental congress was convened and actually took place. The congress was organized through the We The People Foundation For Constitutional Education, under the leadership of Robert Schulz, Chairman. Actual voting took place on a national level to choose 153 delegates from among a larger list of nominees. Each state was represented at the congress as well as Washington DC. Most people know of Robert Schulz’s work and his tireless dedication to the freedom movement. It was through this foundation that I discovered the tremendous work of Alex Jones and have been a fan of Alex ever since. The continental congress was held in 2009 from November 9th to the 22nd at a major conference center in St. Charles, Illinois. I believe that just about all of the expenses for the delegates were paid for by money raised for the event. Under the direction and leadership of congress president, Michael Badnarik the group met tirelessly, on a daily basis, for over two weeks to create a document called the Articles of Freedom. The articles covered 15 grievances that needed redress by the government. They covered taxes, immigration, war powers, the federal reserve as well as many other violations of constitutional powers ignored by our federal and state governments. Each topic or grievance had three components attached. The first, Demands to the officers within the United States government, the second, Demands to the state legislatures and the third, Advice for citizen action at the local level. This 61 page document of our listed grievances was the end result of the congress. The Articles of Freedom were sent to all members of the house of representatives, the senate and the president. The document that was worked on by so many patriots was ignored by every one of the criminals at the federal and state level. But this should not surprise anyone. Is there anyone out there that really believed that things would change by requesting redress from our leaders? I didn’t think so. Now that you are familiar with the workings of Continental Congress of 2009 let me tell you how we can defeat these criminals.

WE WILL CONVENE ANOTHER CONTINENTAL CONGRESS, only this time for a different reason.

- That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect  their safety and happiness.

We will abolish the existing illegal government to ”effect our safety and happiness“. Now I know a lot of you are critical at this point but read on and you’ll see what I mean.

Let’s start from the beginning. The continental congress cannot create a new government. According to the Constitution only the people can do that. This continental congress will lay the legal framework to abolish the existing government and set the stage for new elections in the new government. After all, isn’t that what our founders did at the inception of our nation? They had the courage to create a government and a nation before the british left the continent. Whether it be through war or peace they did not wait for british authority to grant them the power to govern themselves. Now, legality is a very important here. Historically, we must show legal evidence or argument for our need to abolish. The congress could draft another declaration of independence to argue justification for abolishment, The congress could call for national elections for a new president, a new house and a new senate. Maybe the congress could create a legal document for citizens to send into the State Department to declare themselves free from the illegal government. They could repatriate the American flag and the Constitution back to the new, free Constitutional United States. The most important part of the congress would be to call for new elections. Anyone in the libertarian movement that wished to be nominated could run for office. Keep in mind that these elections are NOT to replace the existing house and senate members in Washington. The continental congress would have already abolished those bodies.

Now, I know that many of the readers, at this point, are thinking the following thought. “So, we convene a continental congress, create a legal basis for a new government, execute new elections and declare ourselves free”. NOW WHAT!!

NOW, WE HAVE JUST CREATED AN “US vs. THEM!! That’s right. Where before we had Me vs. the new world order, Alex Jones vs. the new world order, Robert Schulz vs. the new world order, My mother vs. the new world order…and so on and so on and so on. Now, we have the Constitutional United States vs. the new world order. Two separate governments that will oppose each other. Remember this, when the garbage hits the fan, and it soon will, wouldn’t you like to be part of a united government that gives legal authority to you and me to fight back? As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t doubt that at some point, the new world order, through the Obama administration, would threaten arrest of all officers of the Constitutional United States if they did not disband. At first the folks at CNN would laugh at the idea of a new government. Newspaper articles will be written and interviews given about the comedy of a government with only 500,000 citizens. But with each passing day, as more people are signing and sending in their citizenship papers to the State Department, our ranks will swell to immense proportions. Not only will individuals become citizens of the Constitutional United States, but so will businesses, towns, counties, members of the military and police and, yes, even states. Just imagine a baby being born in a hospital and the parents are given social security documents to register their children and instead of handing in the social security documents the parents give the hospital back paperwork notifying them that the child is a citizen of the Constitutional United States. Slowly, like an antibiotic inside the infected new world order, we will take over. And IF the terrible happens and they start arresting our officers and citizens then this will be an act of war and may there be Godspeed to our side. You have to realize how time is important to the globalists. The more time we give them to prepare, the more they will solidify their position of authority over us. This is a strategy that should force the illegal government of the new world order to act before they are actually ready to act. Remember, this is a plan to force capitulation or showdown. If this plan brings us to war then it is far better that it happen now rather than 5 years from now when they have taken our weapons away from us. And most importantly, if we find the tyrants trying to stop the continental congress from convening then we know we are on the right track. In game theory this is called “forcing the hand” or forcing your opponent into play.We can now become the strategic controller, the surgeon cutting the cancer from the tree of liberty.

The work to establish another continental congress can start immediately. There must be money raised, committees organized and locations picked out. It is important to remember that this continental congress will not be given the task of creating another set of Articles of Freedom. This was already done at the continental congress of 2009. The new continental congress will be convened to abolish the usurpers and give rebirth to the original governing model that was created for us in 1776. The act of our current government refusing to give redress to our grievances of the continental congress of 2009 gives us legal right to convene another congress to actually fix the problem.

I must say one more thing before I end this letter. I have seen the level of resolve of the globalists. They are willing to kill both you and I when the time is right. Men do not simply convene a continental congress at a whim. It takes immense tyranny to force a break in allegiance. Calling another continental congress to abolish the illegal invaders is the right thing to do. I promise you it will work. There, however, will be sacrifice needed from everyone. Let’s finally stop complaining and start fighting back. Let’s stop letting the criminals make the history and let’s give the communist run SPLC another freedom loving, law abiding, libertarian organization to fear. WE are the true writers of history.

I would like to know your opinions on this strategy. I would love to hear Alex Jones’ opinion. We must start a debate on the issue. I fear if we do nothing then we will collapse. Remember, the idea is to solidify our power under one authority and use that rightful authority to take back control. Two governments cannot govern one land. There will have to be capitulation of one of the authorities or a showdown. To keep doing what we have been doing is suicide and I refuse to believe that constantly talking about our problems will bring us victory.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Keith Hayden, Winsted, Connecticut




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48 responses to An Open Letter To Fellow Patriots – We Have A Way Out (Capitulation Or Showdown)

  1. Keith,

    Great idea. I do have some concerns that someone may be able to help with. Like me, there are thousands of retired military personnel out there that depend on their retirement or VA compensation for living. I know that with my current job I would be very hard pressed to make it without my military retirement benefits. If we tried to join the Constitutional United States, would those benefits stop? Anyone know how that would work?

    • Really Great idea to use our Constitutional rights. Its kinda like the perverbial boot up the ass.

    • Let’s stop worrying about ‘making it’ and worry about the future of this country that we love so much. I for one will sacrifice everything for this country, comfort and security, will no doubt be the first to go. The sooner we get rid of the criminal mafia-NWO banksters and their henchmen, the sooner we can all go back to whatever God has in store for us. Come to think of it, that is what God has in store for us.

  2. Keith, there is no need for a Constitutional Convention. There is no need to even speak of dismantling the existing government and forging a new one on its ruins. The U.S. Constitution has never been enforced; thus, until We The People first attempt our law enforcement power (and duty), we are fools to talk secession (tactical suicide), nullification (the atomizing reaction of an inferior to a superior), or civil war.

    You should know about AmericaAgain!; it is precisely what constitutionalists and productive Americans are looking for. First watch this 2-minute video, then go to the website:


    As for the possibility of a coming Civil War II, the facts of history and the positions of the parties would suggest that Great Depression II is on the way, instead. See why this is true, in this article:


    I agree with you about Alex Jones and Infowars; right here in the heart of Texas (just 70 miles from the AmericaAgain! base of operations), is another maker of history. Texas will figure very large, when Great Depression II comes. I now use Infowars as my main news source, with Drudge Report a distant second.

    The most glaring deficiency in American life today is plain information; truth of history and civics. We think that Texas-based Infowars and AmericaAgain! will provide everything a family needs to prepare for, and actually flourish in, the times to come. In Chapter One of my 2010 book ‘This Bloodless Liberty’, I suggest that We The People have the greatest opportunity in over 150 years, open to us.

    Most citizens are ignorant of the fact that Karl Marx’s main communist soapbox was not in Germany at all; it was as a staff journalist at the New York Tribune, working for Horace Greeley….

    They don’t know that Marx andLincoln were mutual admirers, and that many of Lincoln’s military officers were devout Marxists…

    They don’t know that full, ten-point communism became U.S. federal policy during the Woodrow Wilson administration, ONE CENTURY AGO…

    They don’t know that what we are witnessing with Obama is the END of American communism, not its beginning! I believe that it is entirely possible that history will record Infowars (Austin, Texas) and AmericaAgain! (Fredericksburg, Texas) were seminal in awaking the sleeping, ignorant giant — training him to act with tactical wisdom, and not flailing his arms in rage.

    Infowars will continue to cut through the clouds of lies in American life. Forget the MSM! Then, the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine(TM) will arrest individual members of Congress; the 19 AmericaAgain! Legislative Action projects will reclaim 150 years of lost liberty; and the AmericaAgain! Minutemen program for individuals and firearms training centers will begin to work in the State legislatures to enact solid militia statutes in obedience with Article I, Section 8, Clause 16 of the Constitution. A lawful, repeatable solution.

    • Keith, I spoke about this subject about six weeks ago on Infowars Nightly News with David Knight, perhaps the most constitutionally erudite media figure of our day, next to Judge Andrew Napolitano:


    • David,

      This would not be a constitutional convention. This is a continental congress. The constitution stays the same. We would only be abolishing our allegiance with the existing criminal government and creating our own government. We ignore the criminals in power. Remember, it is not the congress or the new government that will defeat the criminals, but the actions that happen after the new government is in place. These are the unknown variables that will work in our favor.

      • Keith, you missed my point. Either form of ConCon is a repudiation of the existing government, whereas AmericaAgain! proposes mere law enforcement before attempting to dismantle a government.

        In today’s proto-police-state context, if it took on critical mass, the existing corrupt and bureaucratic government would see the organizers of a Continental Congress as aggressors (and deal with them accordingly). More likely, it will not assume critical mass, for the reasons stated below by others: most Americans are apathetic; happy in their present condition.

        Leaving the government in place but finally exercising LAW ENFORCEMENT for the first time in 220 years, I believe is a more efficient strategy. See the videos I linked above; then go to this page and consider AmericaAgain! on its merits:


        I might also add that Bob Schultz has tried many tactics, including a Continental Congress, over the years. None of his attempts have met with success. I might also add that AmericaAgain! has been working for SIX YEARS on our plan; for a variety of reasons, there is a great deal of work involved in “war gaming” a resuscitation of a dying republic:

        1) many factions, industries, companies, and powerful individuals have skin in the game; in some cases, hundreds of billions of Federal Reserve Notes

        2) the oil, silver, and gold play has been fast and furious for 25 years, under the radar. Oil-rich world powers (not technically ‘nations’; more like chieftains and their families) have no other resources except sand and illiterate masses. They are trading all their oil for the world’s gold, and that is going to have serious geopolitical repercussions within a generation or so

        3) most Americans are as clueless now as they were before American life as we knew it ended in 1929 and remained a living Hell for a decade. But then, wrenching necessity changed millions of people from clueless, lighthearted fools to serious-minded, sober individuals

        4) this time, Great Depression II will not leave the organized crime syndicate in place, to start the boom-bust cycle over again, and keep the counterfeiting and ‘fractional-reserve’ fraud operations in place, in the wicked banking industry — AmericaAgain! intends to see to that, if we can recruit a million members or more (a very tall order)

        5) this time, America must turn to Christ in repentance, as we did not do in the first Great Depression but as we did in the two (arguably three) ‘Great Awakening’ movements in our history.

        If a critical mass — at least a few million — of We The People will repent our wicked ways, turn from our sin and acknowledge it to God, and pray for His forgiveness, mercy, and grace in restoration — then He will hear from Heaven and heal our land. REPENTANCE is the *sine qua non* of national restoration, and our only hope.

        The rest is common sense and law enforcement; leave the government in place, but limited to its lawful powers, about 30% of today’s.

  3. I too am ready to sign up…..appropriate measures and action must take place!

  4. Sign me up.

  5. I’m in, so………….what will we do when they start arresting us? I’m ready for what ever it is. How will we keep these thieves from continually imposing higher and higher property taxes and then swat teaming us when we can no longer pay the taxes? Will we simply live in cardboard boxes and continue to protest? How will we keep them from shutting down more power plants? Most people can’t afford the gasoline to drive or even bus fare to show up at a protest just so they can put a bag over our heads and disappear us forever, WHILE EVERYONE JUST STANDS AROUND WATCHING OR MAKING A VIDEO. What are you going to do when you see these mindless Nazis beating some helpless girl to death at a protest? I know what I am going to do, are you sure you want me at your protest? There is one quick and constructive method that will make them play their hand, BUY BITCOIN. Buy and trade Gold and Silver and BITCOIN! Bitcoin is collapsing the fiat currency as we speak and it is bringing down the stock market. I think Bitcoin is going to slam the doors shut on the Federal Reserve for good and very soon.

    • I have heard of Bitcoin…. can you tell me more? Where is it accepted? Only online? Who started Bitcoin? Where do I go to get it? Do I use USD to “buy” the bitcoin? What happens when the dollar collapses?

      Thanks for any info!

  6. J said on March 15, 2013

    Congressman Walter Jones is a cosponsor of H.R. 129 by Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, to reinstate Glass Steagal? Congress has not put it on the calendar for it to be brought to the floor. They may have to be forced to bring it to the floor by a certain percentage of the Congressmen signing on as cosponsors. They have almost 50 cosponsors signed on so far. Many more needed. Pressure needs to be put on Congressmen to become cosponsors.

    This would separate the derivatives bubble of, what is it, $600 trillion, from the U.S. commercial banking system. Then all we would have to worry about would be the Treasury Bond bubble. I don’t think the U.S. owes China anything. They already got our manufacturing and industry base and I have heard, probably on Bloomberg, that China has already gotten rid of a lot of their U.S. treasuries, especially by using them instead of currency to purchase commodity mines (copper and other) from other countries, like Brazil. China is also infiltrating other countries like Chile, Australia and So. Africa by co-partnering with them to stimulate their economies via development of railways, ports and I think agriculture. This could be public-private ventures as in fascism. If we don’t do something about the fraud of China owning U.S. debt, China may say they own ever larger segments of U.S. real estate and things like railways, ports, agricultural land & industry or anything else.

    Reinstating Glass Steagall is way important.

  7. I stand with you and the Continental Congress. Our current government has become so over-bloated and corrupt that it would be impossible to eliminate all of the puppet masters and secret ties to the shadow government. It’s just like a hard drive that has been corrupted by viruses and other spyware programs…Sometimes you just have to re-format the drive. Time to erase the corrupted politicians and let’s erase the media puppets too!

    • The sooner the better? Or we may have an Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn= “and oh how we burned in
      the camps” after they watched their fellow citizens being carted off to the gulags? He said if they knew what was really going on,they would have used fire pokers ,table legs, and any type of tool
      to beat those who would do such a thing to them,with all their mighthad they only knew!
      The Gulag Archipelago
      alea iacta est= The die has been cast-Point of no return
      None are more hopelessy enslaved than those who falsly believe that they are free
      Johan Goeth
      No man suvives when freedom fails, the best of men rot in filthy jails,And those who cry “appease,
      appease” Are hanged by those they tried to please !!!
      Hiram Mann

  8. You are right Keith. We have to the moral and legal high ground to see this thing through to the best possible resolution. Now is the time. We need to be 100% focused on saving this country, and not be distracted by what they throw at us. The answers, like the ones you mention, will be found in places the new world order won’t even talk about. That’s why it’s so important to continually educate ourselves about history and government, so that we can all be leaders, and at the same time recognize the false prophets when they are sent to destroy us.

    Our kids are going to be a pivotal generation, too, so I’m glad that you mentioned that. The next generation of patriots is going to be at the level of the 1776 generation.

    • I agree 100%! Our kids are seeing a lot and we are talking to them (youngest is 8) about what is going on and the difference between right and wrong- the difference between freedom and tyranny- it is amazing how much they grasp. Our kids are definitely a pivotal generation. Well said!







  10. Hi Keith,
    After reading your article, I suspect that a huge portion of like minded folks will instinctively react by thinking of all the obstacles rather than the opportunities for success! My brief observation/question is whether sovereign citizens or sovereignty in general would have any connection to the myriad Native American Nations and their land. In one respect, would it be possible for a county, or perhaps several counties within a state to secede and join a sovereign Native Nation that was adopting the Constitution as its rule? The other scenario would be instead of people moving out of the continental US, they could move to a free Native Nation. Is that even feasible? It would be historically ironic. Just a thought. What do you think?

  11. I love it. Thanks for the edification. I did not realize results or plan of the 2009 convention. This shows real promise, and I will encourage my friends and family to participate.

  12. I say it is a very sound and the right way to go,I think Alex agrees because I do not think he would of gave a you space on the front page.

  13. Keith,
    You are right, this is what the founders did, leaving us with the example, and the way out of the current government. I have been say for years it is time to abolish the current government, but we can’t do it as individuals. We must come together like those before us.

    I say it’s a go. Where do I sign up?

    • VShagios,
      I’ve been trying to get Alex Jones to talk about this subject. Can’t seem to get through. This IS our only way out. Sometimes I fear that many of these website owners are making too much money ONLY talking about problems that they really don’t want to talk about solutions. I’ve also been trying to get in touch with Bob Schulz to get ideas from him. His organization was the one that called the last congress. Please stay in touch as the more people that are on board, the more chance we have to succeed.

      • when and where is it taking place?

      • If Alex combines forces with George Noory, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Cilente, and every other person out there who is awake it will be millions of people but they all need to send the same message. We don’t want conflict but we are not giving are country away to a bunch of Eugenicistic sickos. God is on our side, there is no doubt about that, no more abortions, no more GMO, No more flouride in our water, chem trails in our air and they will no longer violate our Due Process, all that with a cherry on top.

  14. Sounds good to me, but I remember discussions like this online since ’95-’96? Can you please post the Articles of Freedom? I have heard nothing about this meeting, although I do know the constitution provides for amending it through a constitutional convention, I was not aware a constitutional convention had taken place in 2009. There are things that I would change about “the system” more accurately the constitution. It lacks any teeth at all. The tyrants are now in the “What are you going to do about it?” phase of their takeover openly and unashamedly breaking all constitutional law. The worst thing that can happen to them is they are impeached for their treason. That cannot be the case if a republic is ever going to last. There must be a mechanism of NON GOVERNMENT citizens in each state that has the power to indict elected representatives for violating the constitution. This body, made of continually changing citizens, should have the ability to indict and prosecute in an appropriate court, and if found guilty there must be a prison sentence. I think 2-5 years in prison plus lifetime barment from holding elected office is appropriate. I’d also like to see term limits of 2 consecutive or 4 in a lifetime established for ALL senators and congressmen. 2 terms for a president seems reasonable to me.

    • This would not be a constitutional convention. This would be a congress called together. Go to Givemeliberty.org and on the left side click on the Articles of Freedom. You can also google the Articles of Freedom. Also google CC2009 to find info. on the last continental congress.

    • J said on March 15, 2013

      A constitutional convention could be one of the worst things to happen to us. When a constitutional convention is called, we the people do not have a choice as to who would be in it. Then, they could do anything they wanted to change the constitution, without any input from the people. They would not have to even do anything with the subject of the reason that the convention was called for in the first place. Very dangerous. The constitution is great just the way it is. NO CON CON

      • I’m not calling for a CON CON, I thought the OP was stating one had been assembled. I’m not clear what exactly has been assembled or accomplished in 2009. I didin’t know about it, and no one I know knew about it. I don’t think the constitution is perfect, for the reasons I already stated. It needs teeth.

  15. I am not a lawyer and do not presume to know our constitutional law well enough to know if this is a sound, legal strategy or not. However, I do like the idea and if it were to prove legal I would likely support it as would my family. In fact, I also believe that many of my fellow Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS/Mormon) members would also support it.

    I would much prefer this to a civil war, which is what I see coming if the populace continue to act like ignorant sheep. Will a movement like this achieve critical mass? I have my doubts but if it gets enough grassroots attention… just maybe.

    • resinman,
      You do not need a lawyer to find legality. Read the writings of John Locke or Jean Jacque Rousseau to find where the legality comes from. The legality comes from the same place that our rights come from. Our rights do not come from the constitution, they are simply listed there. Rights come from God. And for those people who do not believe in God, their rights come from nature. Our founders were very well versed about these two authors. Remember, this may still result in a civil war because what would happen if our elected representatives were rounded up and arrested. We would need to make a decision to go to war. But the idea would be to unite under one government,so we can stand together. Please stay in touch as I am trying to get support for this congress.

      • Agreed totally Keith. We do not ask permission to create Continental Congress, we simply do it. Well, not too simply, it will take much awakening of fellow country men, and I still think that is the stage we are at now. Good thing is, more and more people are waking, I can tell when I speak to people. People tend to have the crowd mentality, and are scared to speak about things that are unpopular, or at least that are considered controversial by the this conventional establishment.

        I am totally in support of this idea, however I feel it would be important to go about it in a diplomatic way, once a minimum threshold of affirmed support is reached. Otherwise, it is too easy for the unawakened “sheep” to play into the imminent mainstream media propaganda that the Continental Congress is a bunch of fringe conspiracy theory lunatics. The more vocal and articulate we are, with friends family and strangers alike, on a more consistent basis, the more the word will spread. And it takes collaboration of others with similar thinking to support each other in public arenas when these discussions are taking place. If you are out in public, and you hear someone (even if you don’t know them) engaged in a like-minded enlightened conversation, make an effort to support that person’s point, and watch that communication circle grow, and the word spread. This way, when people start hear about the convening of a Continental Congress, they will not just dismiss it as lunacy. Just my 2 cents….

  16. This is a good idea, however, I highly doubt the common person on the streets living social security check to social security check with an Obama Phone is in any position to renounce their citizenship i.e. their benefits. Seeing the high volume of these people who are dependent upon government for survival it would be quite easy to keep them in line or even draft them in any “showdown” to fight against the “Terrorists” i.e. Constitutional United States. Dependence combined with apathy, propaganda, and “examples” would highly limit neutral person(s) from taking the side of the Constitutional United States and provoke others to affirm allegiance to the “United States.” As for the “examples,” all it would take is mass arrests for treason and some speedy trials and executions to make it quite clear it’s not in the “best interest” of people to rise up. Of course, you could throw in some bonuses: More free wellfare! This would certainly satisfy a large group of people and keep them depoliticized and “in-line.” Not to mention this new entity could very well justify the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus as outlined in the Constitution, or even worse: suspension of the Constitution itself. Certainly this would turn the continental U.S. into a miserable hellscape. At this point I assume, the showdown phase with whatever opposing forces are available would occur. The showdown, ultimately being a bloody Civil War (as clearly there is no intent for this to be any sort of peaceful transition of power). As the country descends into chaos, it is conceivable people in poverty and even a large portion of middle class families would no longer be able to afford basic essentials they would need to survive such as food, water, utilities, healthcare, or even shelter. The result you may ask? More death, however, non-combat related. How much death would we be looking at? Well, if you go back to history and you look back at the first civil war, one could project at least 7,000,000 (Seven Million) combat-related casaulties not even taking into account the advancement of weaponry to being able to fire more than one shot per reload, explosives, rockets, and drones. The quality of life for most Americans is simply too high to justify armed conflict with their government. We are not quite at 1776 just yet. We more resemble the pre-revolutionary era in which you had a small portion of pro-revolution people, a slight majority of anti-revolutionary people, and the remaining people neutral. It doesn’t look at this point that a massive move for total gun confiscation will occur within the next five years seeing the massive opposition by select state legislatures and the people. It will take time to successfully implement any such scheme. While we still have time it might be best to work with the state legislatures on nullification instead of secession, as the results are more likely to be peaceable. I’m all for a Continental Congress, just not seccession at this point.

    • Yes John, there would probably be a civil war. But the point is to get it out of the way sooner than later when we have been reduced to slaves. We would also be united under one free government to take orders from after the continental congress. When war begins this would be a big advantage. And the persons that you talk about on government assistance probably would not partake in any fighting as these people usually do not like getting up in the morning. Also remember this is not a secession. A secession dictates a split between two governments. We will have abolished the current government. Please stay in touch as I will be trying to gain further support. Also, please pass the word along that we need a debate on this subject now.

      • I would disagree that a Civil War needs to occur at this point without attempts at mass nullification at the state and local levels. According to the law dictionary this act would be considered seccession. Of course if the other side was truly “abolished” this would simply be the formation of a new government. However, unless the United States decided to dissolve itself voluntarily, it is not abolished. That would leave involuntary abolition in which the Constitutional United States would establish its independence or freedom from the juridiction of the United States and create its own government. These are two key components of seccession, regardless of who or what entity is in control of the Government or the level of illegitimacy. You can also bet your life on the major talking heads in the media propaganda machine using this term as well. It surely does have a bad connotation in history since the first seccessions back in the 1860s were tied to the issue of slavery at the time, however, that is what this would be unless what I mentioned above occured which is unlikely. On another note, I will definitely reach out to people and let them know the debate is starting on this. Also, regarding your point about the wellfare recipients I would have to completely agree a majority of those people probably don’t want to clean up the Fritos bag off their floor let alone die for the United States. I’ll definitely keep up-to-date with this information.

  17. Keith, I dont think Kim understands completely, (I would hope) or is really not on the right side of the fence.
    I am impressed with your writing, and believe you are on the right track. This is exactly the kind of nudge we need to get something in motion, I think.
    You are obviously on the right track, being its on the front page of infowars ;)
    Id like to hear some more realistic responses to this as well. Please do not get discouraged from some wimpy comments. Its tough sometimes, but just overlook them.

  18. Good post, great discussion however, I have said this before, there are many people in this country that, vote republican and declare themselves conservative. The ones I know receive a military retirement, social security and a federal retirement. They will scream and yell to keep their retirement benefits. In order to get America back to freedom, those entitlements and the whole federal and state governments will have to be shrunk down to the 1840 level. That means, no taxes, no entitlements, no FDIC, no CDC, no CIA, no FBI, no EPA, FDA, FAA, or department of education, no student loans, no social workers and no veterans affairs! The bulk of our military will return to the states. Doctors and accounts will have to take huge pay cuts! NOW, whose with me?

    • Those people will have to keep in mind that yes, many of those programs will be no more, but there will be thousands of opportunities open to take its place, once we regain our country back.
      Remember back in the 80′s or early 90′s when it would take you a couple hours to read through the sunday paper’s help wanted add’s?? Well, those days will return again here, should a solution like Keith has presented us here is put into action, and succeeds.
      Im ready!

  19. I say no to Continental Congress. There is nothing wrong with the system as created. We just need to scrape the scum off the top.

    • So, nothing wrong with our system. The congress would not change a thing from original founders. We simply, as a group, declare that we absolve our allegiance due to offenses by federal govt.

    • You need to completely read the article. Nothing about changing the system. We simply take it back, However, maybe if you keep talking about our problems every day they will go away. Just do nothing.

      • I said “as created,” not “as it turned out after the internal banker coup.”

        • I just told you how we scrape the scum off. Just like our founders. Something tells me if you lived back in 1775 and we had computers you would have posted this reply. “Nothing wrong with our system. Just need to scrape the scum off the top. So I say NO to a revolution or independence. God save the King.”

  20. “…the American pie was not a right, but a privilege…”
    Clarification please?

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