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All 50 States submit White House Petitions to secede

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November 14, 2012 in Resistance


November 14, 2012. What started as a symbolic protest has turned into a nationwide trend. Petitions from all 50 states have now been submitted to the White House to secede, meaning leave the United States. Keep in mind, these are not official State requests to secede. President Obama’s staff initiated the petition process as a way for Americans to make their voices heard. Once a petition hits 25,000 signatures, President Obama promises he will issue a response. So far, it looks like all 50 state petitions will hit that mark.


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2 responses to All 50 States submit White House Petitions to secede

  1. Please sign this petition..Indefinitely Remove Fluoride From Our Water Supply In The United States.https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/indefinitely-remove-fluoride-our-water-supply-united-states/fy0sgtjx

  2. I’d love to believe it would work, but, chances are, nothing will become of all this.

    My other thought was “Well, maybe…just MAYBE…the Gov’t MIGHT actually think about all these petitions, and MAYBE it’ll have some sort of impact, and MAYBE they might consider the fact that we don’t WANT, LIKE, or NEED Obama’s Supreme ruler ship…We don’t need a King (we already got rid of one, a long time ago)….But, being the smug, arrogant, anti-American person he is, it ain’t gonna matter…

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