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A New Revolution

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January 16, 2013 in Resistance


We must know the establishment cannot hold us down we are 99 to their 1 we have all power but we have been brainwashed the exact opposite. Have you not read the constitution!?!?! It clearly says we have the right to destroy the corrupt government and make it right the way the founding fathers intended it to be we need to rise we need to make our voice heard we need to make our actions noticed. We can’t stand by and the world be taken over BY ONE PERCENT OF THE POPULOUS HOW IS THIS SEVEN BILLION MEN WOMEN AND CHILDREN AND WE CAN’T TAKE OUT A FEW THOUSAND come on guys it’s time for a change its time to overthrow this corrupt government a make anew. Come my friends its not too late to seek a newer world

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2 responses to A New Revolution

  1. You are correct but the majority put these cronies in charge. They voted for this crap and they voted for the same change as before. Not that Romney was a big leap forward but I think at least he wouldn’t have tried this.

  2. One way to start a change…. buy ONLY from LOCAL BUSINESSES when you can. Research products you buy. Boycott products made in china. We need to break this bond firstly between the US banks and china to get American made businesses BACK in the US. I saw an article today where someone outsourced their own job to China! If you are an inventor, PATENT and market your products for US sale NOW! Trade China made products for your products and find a way to sell the products turned in to you BACK to china. WOOD products can and ARE being turn into CHOP STICKS here in GEORGIA USA and sold to china! If you think its far fetched read this:

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