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February 27, 2017 in Resistance


Alex Jones is so very correct when he calls the globalists and their minions all a whack of monsters. When I listen to him rant about the foulness of these secret society organizations, it resonates totally true from my experiences and every targeted individual still surviving their covert ordeals. Alex simply calls the secret societies the NWO, but he does state that things must always be well documented. And secret societies perform all their wickedness in secret so little documentation is possible, thus the targeted remain targeted until Mr. pipe-wrench comes a calling.
As chuck Langenburg gave his life trying to expose the secret societies organized targeting of anyone who isn’t outright immediately killed for opposing corporate fascism secretly taking over freedoms in the western world. He created this site which is now mostly forgotten. How modern gremlins are converted is exposed by the “perp who spilled the beans” on his page. I feel the interview was the real thing. Way to go Chuck… RIP.

The term gremlins gained widespread popularity during the great wars when a targeted individual free from all the secret society conspiracies, made a sudden enemy by either an action/statement or by just noticing too much corruption performed by the secretive organization and exposing it or tries.

Un/Expectantly, for example, a fighter pilot would have a critical failure of some crucial part of his equipment which would likely cause death if he didn’t think fast.

The “gremlin” is a covert application of a secret society’s hidden power. These gremlins are the true purpose for a society to be secret. By secrecy, when wicked actions begin to happen to an upright, freedom-loving individual, any associations made to identify the perpetrator(s) can be unanimously deny by the secret members. Thus the wicked can feel assured they will not face justice.
psychology is used to hide them.
Individually, psychology and psychiatry is used to further condemn the persecuted is effectively used to defame anyone who is unaware of it’s true purpose. Sure, it is sold to the public as a helpful profession, but in most cases pharmaceutical corporations are in cohorts to make mind destroying drugs to feed them to the persecuted.
If a group of persecuted individuals gather with similar social mistreatment (which is where our society is presently beginning to fester) psychology is not enough to control the individuals and non-lethal weapons are used against all of them at once.

On and individual basis, “gremlins” would visit the persecuted and mess with things (usually, in the dark of night). This is why gremlins can be found joking to one another saying “No rest for the wicked.” I personally noticed.


At first, items will suddenly loosen on your belongings. For example things will start falling off from vibration which never came loose before or all lugnuts will become loose if you tell anyone that you change a tire on your car when you know you tightened them. The purpose is usually to make you paranoid while other secret society members will always explain it away as nothing or that it was your fault.

Now, the list of things/belongings that can be messed with by gremlins is endless, but the process is gradually stepped up to perform more and more drastic things. For example sneaking off with your car to burn out the manual clutch or burning donuts until the belts are exposed or even loosening off all the transmission pan bolts just before you go on a long trip. These are gremlin actions.

Microscopic-sized camera/energy weapons are used to scan and force you to sleep while the gremlins perform their duties. Once asleep, your home can be invaded and you operated upon by the medical mafia… another manifestation of “gremlins.” Their first task will be to implant a brain chip through your skull. Yes, you become a Manchurian candidate. And now, the gremlins will begin a long process of messing with your physical body during the night or during any hospital visits. Hospitals are the worst place for targeted individuals, because you will alway get gremlin nurses and doctors after a few hours of admittance or immediately if they arranged your visit by using the brainchip to take over your body and injure you.

Of course, the destruction of personal belongings and personal health is meant to deplete any and all saving. Money is soon depleated and debt ensues. Any alcohol consumption is used to further assassinate the individuals character in the eyes of community, friends and family. All secret societies work hand in hand with gremlins and to destroy any employment (vancouverwati/ Charlie Langenburg; Magnus Olsson). Personally, accidents are arranged by the central command controlling the brain-chip data to maim the targeted individual’s body into a cripple and functionally unable to work. For example William Cooper was sent into an automobile crash that maimed his leg and the brain-chip was used to break my thumb and send my vehicles into the ditch on numerous occasions to lower credibility and cost money.

By this time, the targeted individual is no longer fighting for the freedom of the people in the country, he is looking for his next meal while the profane have been effectively mislead by the secret societies.

All secret societies work hand in hand with gremlins, organized stalkers, flash mobs, and medical mafia.

Not a pretty world they work in, is it…
But the elite seem to not care to create a world of good will which is what freedom is all about. They will always be deeply involved with the secret societies, because who else has the desire to be top monster or boss of wickedness.

A decade ago a head gremlin scofted to me while they were trying to figure out my personality… “I get it!” he scofted, “You’re just another one of those freedom guys!”
Ha, haa, I guess so.

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