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“A Glimpse Of Geo-Engineering Methodology”… With Configurative Premonitory Introduction: Part 1:

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February 28, 2013 in Resistance


Updated from May 2011…


U.N. Agenda 21 is encyclopedic in its Plan to presumed “Godhood” using “Think Tanks”. “Belief”, their Achilles heals, “Sanguinary Disorder”, their disease.  Simplistic homogeneous, menially possessed of substance and “They”? Are in charge of subsidiary Corporate/Military actions?…  Do not feed them fear. It weakens our own actions. Loosing the Infinite, resolute power of humanity.   Their flawed finite mentality, excessive pride laden sad lives are a forgone conclusion.  Tyranny has always ultimately failed. Having studied, postulated refinements, another authoritarian incursion historically collapses as energy roams freely… Energy is…  Energy begets existence endowed with freedom…   Logic dictates inevitable failure by paradigm shift. Positive Free Energy stops for no physical impediment. The Way of Change a continual renewal, perpetual motion an axiom of life. Agenda 21 is Murphy’s Law’s destined hindrance the NWO… OWO? hypothesis quagmire.   To what degree is an individual able to experientially “Know” how we compromise ourselves? I propose it is a matter of Awakening. For now, we use their systems to gather information. Focus on whatever you wish to call the Generative Force, turning the tide of the NWO, Bilderberg, Globalist, Fortune 100, The last, all facets of the six mega-bankster & Royalty cartel.  This is not “New Age” propaganda. It exists as it has long before the Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, and The Eugenics Movement.  Positive and Negative Forces, whose Energy is believed to be summon able earth elemental powers.   Power, is always in flux. There is a balance and by our efforts, we influence the futures burgeoning forth from the unborn, which is one with the unborn self. Action with honor and truth change the regurgitation that is what we call the past as it again confronts us from the unborn future. The future is malleable and positive mind-set is most powerful in the negation of Tyranny. You see, there is a delusional self-aggrandizing group filled with Greed and Anger. We create “Their” failure by our positive actions in the present. The future is wide open.   Here follows a cognitive overview abridged in format of “The Eugenic Alchemy Foment”…  


 The aluminum concentrations that the earth’s surface is being blanketed with have a direct link to the Monsanto GM aluminum immune, annual, ( sterile! ) seed program. When Nothing will grow; the choice will be use Monsanto’s resilient seeds or tough!!! 

 You might have seen Stewart Howe’s documentary film; it is referenced following “farmwars.” below. farmwars.info/?p=2927.webloc www.environmentalvoices.#94A7D0 Chemtrails from above, likely a U.N., U.K.- M.O. with London being a Globalist hub heavy with Imperialistic history.  Heavy daily toxic dumps are awakening the public and the program has been in part shifted to night trails. The lack of visibility due to overcast is also used if predictions give a green light for acquired targeting.  This while development progresses in “Green” (NOT!) gas drilling fracking systems “breach frame” work is configured and their overall toxic waste dispersion systems established. A provocative Globalist study of every variable given plausible deniability.  Across the world, we breathe “Unelite” flatulence.  Imposed metallic offal our bodies experience taste, smell, and eroded mortality. While morphology and morphogenesis theorem are collected in actuaries and computer algorithm.  http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2012/mar/16/protesters-coalition-against-fracking       The layers of delivery of the slow/soft kill systems are compartmentalized. Continued study ever more unveils pieces of the large picture Agenda 21 foments…   Should war not come soon enough, a catalytic intrusion method will in some way effect life from birth to death across the earth…  “A Planned Obsolescence, this one aimed at life globally.”…  Affixing pathogenic variations to end all biological species.     We are living in an ever-increasing radioactive environment. Do I need to source that for all? Doubtful…     HARRP, the catch phrase for harmonic resonance systems, use of full spectrum wave lengths, incorporated with energies, trigger reaction while results are recorded… These created the ozone holes. It did not help that every time NASA launched a space shuttle the emissions were equal to a hundred years of fossil fuel use on U.S. roadways. It is on record!!!  Did you ever hear “The space program today launched a secret military payload from… ?”            


From “eia” ( Energy information Administration…) were there are several updated maps to be found. This is U.S. Government information mapping. Our Tax $ !… 


 Again from “eia” ; This from Wikipedia, which has noted it public domain…        






This is the updated “Shale Gas Plays” as of May 2011. Note the way this is referred to-“Plays”… This is one of the key waste resource agendas that is in use in the blending of aerosols. We have Dick Cheney and Halliburton running this psy-op on “Clean Fuel”… The statistics are available for review, it takes far more resources to create this “Clean Fuel” than its alleged “Green Usage”…  Why? 

On point; it is the raw materials and the wastes that Fracking, Medicine, Nuclear power, GMO production and use, that are a must to eradicate from Corporate Planning pursuant an agenda of population reduction, Eugenics! … “Fraking” is one of the largest contributors to their goal. It is the creator of the bulk of Chemtrail Aerosol Compounds being spread. It is one of “The military industrial complex” weapon systems, which are planned to have control of weather by 2020. 

This is at the heart of “Agenda 21”, the United Nations weapon for global conquest. It is the heart of Tyranny! … ( Updated: 27/02/13…  o… )   End of part 1…



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