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“A Glimpse Of Geo-Engineering Methodology”: Part 2:

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February 28, 2013 in Resistance


Fracking addition of raw material to the atmosphere aimed at R. & D. guesswork without moral ethically based concerns is at least on the ground.  Places you can access, finite points in space.   How do you stop a program the U.S. military admits is in progress?  Chemtrail toxins in jet fuel are miniscule compared with the NWO computational system of refinement by trial and error testing on life.   I do not remember “Them” asking me if it was all right to give me respiratory issues making it a time consuming process to keep up wards. The action of doing so will ultimately beset the tyrants as more humans, earth, and existence itself sees and feels the imperative to end “Their UnElite” pathology.   Meteorological, topographical, population actuaries, an inkling of the formats used in flight path zone equations for the real program carried out by unmarked aircraft of military stock. The military unwitting muscle, soon will be only drones controlled from relative safety? Human drones pilot until these programs are put to use. These fool minions being no longer of use, come to face the same global reality they helped to create. Eugenics is the end game after all… That is Agenda 21!  Having dosed areas with known volumes of elements and compounds the pulse effect Oscillations beamed through an atmosphere at a particular molecule or molecules chosen for increased presence of ozone, or the particulate conglomerate of solvents, detergents, industrial, medical, radioactive wastes, which as of two years ago independent labs had listed 540 different toxins used in the extraction process.  These from earth, water, and air-born samples.   Many videos are searchable showing tap water flaming up after fracking explosions rooted new fissures transporting both gases and the compound components used by this system.   This virulent saturation of below ground aquifers, via insertion into earth leaves a residual panoply.  Followed by the extraction process which enables release of refined gas by its concentration systems. Distillation, evaporation, chemical refinement creating industrial wastes that are massive and active sources for chemtrail disbursal.        http://nofracking.com/     Early 70’s an antenna array was assembled in a box canyon-east slope Rocky Mts., Colorado… I watched the beavers’ demise as the East -West system was laid in. Heavy cable was run up the North-South slopes to the mountaintops opposite one another. The surface array linked vertical tower antenna to the evolving systems and their functions. Then came the industrial generators and windowless control buildings. The workers were P.R. prepped and from the start smiled and said, it was a government communication system that would have zero impact on the canyon residents. Fox, Beaver, Deer, Bobcat, Wolf, Plants, Our pristine glacier fed stream and it’s native fish didn’t count, and in hind site neither did we! 

 Another oddity is that this same map comes up for chemtrails, fracking, NWO locations, and two other subjects.  Most all searches give near current dates in 2012. Do not be fooled the systems are ocean based as well at this time.shtf411.com/.webloc  ( Just in case this link is absent: shtf411.com/.webloc )    These systems have been placed in areas that have high metal content present. The map mentioned doesn’t show the Greenland-(U.S.) installation, any of Russia’s, China’s, the Antarctic and countless more. The triangulation lines have been written about with regard to the interconnection of at least three complexes for target acquisition. .   This is all shorthand and common speak; you need to read between the lines and do the research. From Teslas sealed patents (Right!) to Big Pharma.., Eastland’s U.S. patent #4,686,605; from APTI-ARCO, to E-Systems ( Black Projects contractors ), to Raytheon by 1994 #42 on the Fortune 500. ) Can you say Globalist? Applications continue onward. Brzezinski & J.F.MacDonald wrote about geophysical & environmental warfare.     Let’s add Fracking to the systems use, adding raw material to the atmosphere to compound the pulse effect. Oscillations beamed through an atmosphere at a particular molecule or molecules chosen for increased presence of ozone, or the air born raw material which concentrations are artificially increased.  “HARRP.Net” is as good as any to start awakening to the multitude of systems, from mind control, (As in the workings of electromagnetic scrambling neural interface.) with postmortem detection found in school shooting perpetrators.www.cuttingedge.org/news#94A20D  


 I have seen this HARRP map before it is dated 2008 in the lower left hand corner.

Note: Search HAARP map Installations image, or Google Maps 2008 HARRP locations, for a large scale and readable version… 


This is one of the new sea class versions of Moveable-HAARP Systems…

  The Globalists know numbers are infinite and science, be it HARRP with its thousands of patents applying the full spectrum dissection and testing of wave cycles. Their R&D covers from 1 hertz =1 cycle per second, 1 KHz =1000, 1 MHz =1 million. All oscillating  Plasmic Wave Forms and Frequencies are in “Play”! …

Mind control residue @ 10 Hz have been found in 6 postmortems conducted on the perpetrators of school shootings. The constant exposure induces negativity, paranoia, hallucinations, and can be used to implant commands on individuals or greater numbers of the populous.  The earths natural wave cycles @ 7.8 Hz per second.  www.cuttingedge.org/news#94A20D intuitiveearth.com/earth#950BC5   So far, three separate yet interfaced NWO agendas regarding Geo-engineering have been mentioned. One is chemtrail disbursal. Second is the massive roll out of fracking. This ties to further envelopment of molecules to saturate the environment globally. Third is pulsed oscillating Harmonic Resonance Waves with it’s thousands of patents. HARRP is becoming the generic designation to refer to cyclic, oscillating, pulses of energy at varying strengths.  Having    full spectrum experimentation using “Scientific” theorem as its foundation.   Another example of the Technocratic Systems is the Humvee mounted V-MADS for riot and crowd control.  The ongoing twist that both openly and covertly are Dharpa /FEMA tools. www.globalsecurity.org/.webloc       Transuranic elements and their daughter products in dispersal from the first two we know have significantly raised levels Globally.  This due to the nuclear industry and the military use of depleted uranium.  Here is three of seeming endless references to D.U.   http://www.heureka.clara.net/gaia/du.htm     http://www.cuttingedge.org/News/n2165.cfm  http://www.rense.com/general79/hiro.htm

 Adding geographic, weather wars, can you say Fukushima? Convenient timing regarding basket currency politics…  aerosol toxins for the Eugenicists agenda, and the NWO/OWO Tyrannical interim…

 This is a start to search from though you may have intuitive wisdom and vision which awakens clarity registering the potentialities finding yourself in mind control patent search, weather wars, with those implications self evident in their magnification potential for a Fukushima acquired target scenario.   The genocide we face here and now moves faster as the world shrinks. Here history is the cyclic replay of the genesis of tyranny continuing until an event of some nature brings it to an end. Leading to a time of spiritual integration throughout humanity. Involution spontaneously is cognizant. The genesis of a “Golden Age” with its instantaneous awakening of “Man” being within the image of God, not an image of That Which Is…    Human involution is the true end game in life. As aware consciousness, energy;  philosophically speaking, cannot die.

 Rendering vision quest intermediary, Physical truths hidden in plain view paradoxically presented as a catalyst intended to aid in “The Awakening”…

 Otter Walks on Two Feet, 1st Nation Iroquois, Mohawk …  Updated: with more information to come… 28/02/13

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