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A Comprehensive Defense Of Our Defense

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January 31, 2013 in Resistance


This article contains links to letters intended for federal and state elected officials plus a speech reserved for county and local government to defend “The Second Amendment” – “A well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Sections with respect to article references and actual letters sent will be clearly distinguished and divided.

The primary strategy of this article is not only based on historical facts and the basic philosophy of defense but also the strategy of representing the Sandy Hook incident as evidence lacking merit in which images along with other misrepresentations of information have been solely used to play upon emotion rather than representing a reliable model of facts.

Following the protocol of this effort in my honest opinion is nothing short of demonstrating the utmost passion for our heritage – for “Our Republic” by wisdom and sacrifice.


With respect to The United States Congress, the following reference is a letter sent to a respective Representative of The House of Representatives as well as to both respective Senators of The Senate.  For example, I as a Pennsylvania resident with respect to my address sent this letter to Representative Allyson Schwartz, Senator Robert Casey and Senator Pat Toomey.  The general response from each of them mentions no reserve about the credibility of the Sandy Hook official cover story and therefore accepts the story without question, but near the end of this article, you will also find a letter sent to Senator Casey calling for a convenient and trustworthy source containing the security footage.

Here is a link to the letter – http://planet.infowars.com/resistance/to-the-u-s-congress-delegitimizing-second-amendment-attacks


The arguments in this letter are the same regarding the prior, but it is calling for the state to exercise the Tenth Amendment in which a “Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance” is introduced as a process of countering any questionably based legislation from The United States Congress infringing upon “The Bill of Rights”.  In my particular case, this letter went out to Representative Kate Harper and Senator Stewart Greenleaf who are both members of The Pennsylvania General Assembly:



This link is a speech intended for local government especially for boroughs in which “The Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance” was drafted by a police chief of Gilberton, Pennsylvania in Schuylkill County.  It details not only the statistics as noted in the preceding letters but also the need for a citizenry to be able to defend itself like the infantry.

Here is the link – http://planet.infowars.com/resistance/upholding-the-second-amendment


This letter is self-explanatory in which a Sheriff is the key law enforcement officer of an entire county and can solely use the authority as granted by the people of the county not to follow both questionable and unconstitutional orders:

Dear Sheriff,

I currently reside in Montgomery County, and attached is my recent article containing a speech for local government with respect to both the Second and Tenth Amendments of The Bill of Rights.

Here is the link – http://planet.infowars.com/resistance/upholding-the-second-amendment


My best hopes for enough greater loyalty to The Constitution in honor of its founding and sacrifice.


David T. Ryan


This letter is a direct response to a Senator of The United States Congress who believes the official Sandy Hook cover story without question.  Though there is no mention to take a position to oppose gun control, the letter does have the potential to deter the official to vote for it.  Also, I believe: it is a civic virtue for a citizen to demand officials to hold those who mislead the public accountable.

This one went to Senator Robert Casey on January 21, 2013 who has yet to comment:

Dear Senator,

After reviewing your response of claiming that the official cover story of Sandy Hook is beyond question,   it, unfortunately, falls short on the basis of not refuting the evidence of which I presented, that in turn, refutes the official cover story.

In addition to the non-refuted “Full Disclosure” video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZPS7AdgNgE&feature=player_embedded) of which I have stated in my prior letter, here is an article (http://www.infowars.com/sandy-hook-ar-15-hoax-still-no-school-surveillance-footage-released/) that contains an NBC news report claiming only handguns were taken into the school and the assault rifle was left in the car.  Also, there is a letter from the school informing parents about a security monitoring system of which there is a white house petition demanding that the security footage of it be released to the public; therefore, I find it not unreasonable to request a convenient and trustworthy source containing the footage to settle the question of what actually transpired; the question of whether or not if Adam Lanza really did enter the school carrying an assault rifle, or maybe he walked out of the school with the assault rifle and placed it in his car only again to walk back into to the school and commit suicide (of which I honestly doubt anyone would do), but the security footage would certainly indicate if this is so.

But I am also making a contingent request, especially on the part of a public official, with respect to the footage.  If it shows any indication of completely and undeniably discrediting the official cover story, it is incumbent for a moral person to discontinue using this story as a basis for any action except to hold those accountable for misleading the public.

Regards for an effective closure of this tragic event.



Finally, this one was sent to a member of a State Congress calling for The United States Congress to use its authority to ensure transparency about the facts of Sandy Hook and to hold those accountable for misleading the public which is a step short of a unanimous secession of all the States from The United States necessary to restore “The Republic”.

Also, it’s important to note from the quote regarding my representative’s response “…many people would not want to see the footage of children being shot, by whatever weapon, so I am guessing that’s why the footage wasn’t released…” implying that government never lies meaning authority is truth, but how many times throughout history has such a claim been proven wrong?  I believe: “Truth is Authority” versus “Authority is Truth”, and we must certainly emphasize the need to dispel any belief system which can only serve as an environment to foster immoral behavior.  Certainly as of now, the officials who are exercising their authority of withholding the surveillance footage are in a position to effortlessly mislead the public.  It is now up to us to demand otherwise:

Dear Representative,

I wish to thank you for your timely response and providing me a with clearer insight as to how others view self-defense using firearms, and I have to honestly agree that the major TV networks seem to solely report as to how crimes are committed with firearms as opposed to preventing them as if that never happens.

I can only hope a timely response from Senator Stewart Greenleaf follows unless if he is in poor health then my condolences.

What I hope to bring to your attention is a major topic as noted among the alternative media community regarding unreleased security footage of Sandy Hook.  At the end of this message, there is a link to an article containing NBC footage reporting that only handguns were recovered from the school and the assault rifle was left in the car, plus you will find a link to a letter as proof of the existence of such a security system.  The footage would definitely show if whether or not Adam Lanza entered the building carrying the rifle.  Also, there is a white house petition at the end of this article calling for the surveillance to be released.

As a citizen, it does not seem unreasonable to request public access so as to privately view the footage in order to resolve the questions if either Lanza used the rifle to commit the crime or if others accompanied him since four handguns were actually recovered contradicting the official cover story reporting only two.

Also, I have written to Senator Robert Casey requesting a convenient and trustworthy source containing the footage, but he has yet to respond and so far only accepts the official cover story without question.

What I hope to accomplish from my efforts by informing others of this would be for the States to request  the United States to ensure transparency by providing public access to the footage and also to provide a thorough and consistent account of this event.

Link to refer to – http://www.infowars.com/sandy-hook-ar-15-hoax-still-no-school-surveillance-footage-released/


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  1. The once GREAT U.S.A has deteriorated into a gaggle of obtuse,perverted,twisted,satanic leaders.I say gaggle because geese are stupid .and obnoxious and they bite the hand that feeds them.These idiots have stolen,wreaked havoc and are destroying this planet with nuclear debris,poisons and toxic substances which only GOD can fix!Evil intentions to kill masses of people and subjugate a few as slaves is their plan.these upcoming wars they plan are to remove approximately 6 billion people off the planet in the next few years. Well these people who voted in this menacing tyrant going to get more than they bargained for now…that is if they are still alive !.~~~
    Is the U.S. government getting ready for a war we don’t know about? And, if that’s why Washington is stockpiling massive amounts of ammunition (hollow points, by the way), why is Homeland Security …\

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