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A Call For Insurgents In NYT Ad

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January 9, 2017 in Resistance


Link to the blog which has the links:

Not that insurgency has not been happening already as demonstrated by the Black Lives Matter kidnapping and the ISIS Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting (49 gunned down), there is an organization that has been attempting a call to enlist, as Hillary has said, the:

“bucket of losers”
‘“f**king dumb” young people’
“Basement Dwellers”

The first name that appears in print is Imam Aiyub Abdul-Bak and the third is Bill Ayers. The marriage of the Islamist and the Communist printed in black and white on a page of the New York Times is a part of the insurgence.

At the end of the faqs, the last paragraph is a short and to the point call to action – “Let us fight.”

After perusing the insurgent website I noticed two things in particular. One, that it made the point that the election of Trump was not normal and two, there was no plan for what would happen if their call to action resulted in the goal of no inauguration.

So I grabbed my apophatic hat to get an answer to the new question. What would happen if…?

Obama would stay and maybe another election. To these insurgents that would be normal.

Brezhnev once said, ‘now brother Czechoslovakia is normalized.’

If I was going to the inauguration in the Communist D.C., I would dress and carry my support for the Constitutional Republic of the U.S.A. by having the right items.

Sign holder
Sign downloaded and alter to read “NO! Communists” and a big red X through the web address on the bottom or even just cut off.
A hat like this one or at least the other
And some underwear
Every man has the Natural right to use force to stop violence.

Never bring a knife to a gunfight.

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