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10 Reasons to Cancel Cable NOW!

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October 23, 2012 in Resistance


Please share this post with anyone you know and love who still pays for cable TV.

I am finally calling to disconnect my cable TV. I don’t need it anymore. (I actually never did – I always knew it; but I never knew how important it was to take a stand against it.)

2012 is the year that we should all try to reconnect to what is real. I mean – really real. And what is true and right for each of us. Increasingly it’s become apparent that television does not give us reality- and probably never did. I mean, they called it the BOOB TUBE back in the 50s didn’t they? It it has only gotten worse since then. Way worse.

Please join me, and free yourself from the crap-encrusted chains of cable television. 

Here are 10 reasons to turn off the TV for 2012:

1. Anything interesting that might happen to be aired on TV can be seen on the internet HOURS (sometimes days) before. And sometimes the really interesting stuff is never seen on TV because someone, somewhere does not want you to see it and they mistakenly think they can keep you from it.

2. You have to search for the truth – the television is NOT the place to find it. Cable news will NEVER tell you the truth – never, ever.

3. Reality television is not reality, nor is it entertaining…unless you feel the need to waste your time relishing in the misfortune and embarrassment of others.

4. The TV does not allow you to comment, give your opinion, or call bullshit on what you read, hear, or see – the internet does.

5. Drug company ads. Especially those trying to push anti-depressants.

6. “Healthy GMOs” (the world’s most dangerous oxymoron) advertisements. No, High Fructose Corn Syrup is NOT just like sugar, no matter how many times and ways they say it.

7. The Mayans say we have less than a year left on this planet – do you really want to spend it watching someone else living a fake life? Wouldn’t you rather spend what precious time you have left living your own life?

8. Political LIES – both sides, all channels. This is an election year – and every politician will be on TV telling lies. (Except Ron Paul – he’s awesome.)

9. You will always be more interesting than any person on TV. Period.

10. $$$$$ – Why should we pay inflated prices for something that hides the truth, does not entertain us, may actually hurt us, and can never be as interesting as our own lives? That’s like paying for an ex-boyfriend to hang around. Isn’t it?

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20 responses to 10 Reasons to Cancel Cable NOW!

  1. Your number 10 reason is so right. How can we be so stupid, duh? You can see why the elite look at us as dumb f’rs. We keep paying them to access our lives. We vote with our dollars too. It’s time to unplug from the Matrix.

  2. There is an illuminati Card “ Cable TV “ , too.

  3. i have been cable free for 6 months now and i can see and think much clearer… not that i watched tv anyway!! my kids are the same, we watch movies every now and again but always just play and spend time with each other…. also to my surprise they never even ask for it!!

  4. I could not agree more. The rejection of your tv may be the greatest single thing you could do to save yourself. Go outside and sit in the dirt. Breathe. Pick up some of Jerry Mander’s books, like “Four Arguments For The Elimination of TV, and In the absence of the Sacred. Do it now – why you stil have a brain.

  5. I ditched cable TV back in 1993, it was just another bill to pay at the end of the month and there were only a few shows I watched anyway. After that I used a set of rabbit ears till 2004, where I live now the only options are satellite and cable, OTA is difficult to impossible due to the terrain. Any info I get now is either via the Internet (until the UN takes it over) and Amateur Radio.

  6. What we could use – Is more Amature radio operators, that create broadcast content. – Lazyness has resulted in a loss of Communications. Isn’t it more important now, then it was, to create our own LOCAL tv signals, and fight any oposition, there trying to, dumb us down, by whording Cable & Internet, Signals & Content.

  7. I have given up cable for years at a time. The rest of the family is so hooked, I know they would protest if I tried to do it again. I do love the Science channel though. How the Universe Works, How It’s Made, The Unexplained…there are some good shows out there that are educational and inspiring. Animal Planet is pretty awesome too.

  8. I agree.. even when watching educational programs I find myself yelling at the TV because they can be so lame!

  9. We got rid of our direct tv one year ago, and it was the best decision we have made! I caught a lot of flack from my family, but they are ok with it now. Every now and then, my husband rants about the fact that he missing some games, especially Monday night football, but he does end up finding it online…and gets bored with it by the end of 1st quarter.

  10. That’s why I haven’t had Cable TV since 2005.

  11. About the only station I watch is MeTV, and it’s free OTA with an antenna…

    IMO all the good networks are on free off the air… Antenna TV, RTV, THIS, MeTV….

  12. I agree! It’s hard to give up college Football here in the South!

  13. You can watch live games online.

    My friend watches football (soccer) games all the time online.

  14. Hi Danan,

    I have been struggling with this decision…only one thing holds me back…Football!

    I am not a sports addict, but I do enjoy watching a few games this time of year on the weekend…if I can figure that out….I’d drop the cable . Directv today!

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