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10 Easy Steps to Resist Tyranny

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February 20, 2013 in Resistance


So people keep asking themselves about what they can do to resist the growing tyranny this country is facing.  I’d figure I should outline a few simple ways to combat the system every day.

1. Buy local/organic food.  In this age of rampant GMO, Aspartame  and the destruction of family-owned farms, we can hit two birds with one stone this way.  Help your community and your health.

2. Vote(in local elections)!  Taking back government starts from the bottom up.  All politicians in DC are already corrupt, but your local leaders are still salvageable.  Forsake the spectacle of national elections and focus on who’s running to control the neighborhood.

3. Get a gun for home defense and learn how to use it.  The world is unpredictable, and when you’re in danger, the cops will likely not get to you in time.  Furthermore, the police will likely be the ones attacking you.  You have a natural right to defend yourself, just like every other living creature does when threatened.

4. Turn off the TV!  Reality TV, News, and 90% of what they show on television is insulting to our intelligence and is literally making us more stupid.  The mainstream news is all lies and reality shows are just awful and petty, literally lowering our IQ.  The remaining 10% of good programming such as local news and a handful of well written shows is alright, but remember to scrutinize.

5. Don’t let divisive rhetoric get to you!  Media tries to divide us all among racial, religious and sexuality lines.  This message is to everyone!  A two way street of respect!  All of us, even the ones that don’t know it, are in this together.  Being angry at someone superficially different than you only makes both groups weaker.  Remember, the thought of whites and blacks, gays and straights, Muslims and Christians taking arms together against the NWO is the system’s worst nightmare.

6. Stay aware!  Keep your ears glued to alternative news sources.  Ignorance is weakness.  I think we all get this, ’nuff said.

7. Have assets.  The backless Federal Reserve notes are completely worthless as we know, and will crash in value sooner or later.  So invest in things that our truly valuable.  Some say gold, some say land, some say seeds.  I’ll let you chose what’s best for you.

8. On a similar note, be prepared.  Prepping is limited by person to person based on what they can afford, but we can all prepare at least somewhat for a collapse.  Get a few weeks rations and water stored.  Have first aid and batteries in your home, you know, basic emergency and camping gear.

9. Get the word out!  Continue to spread subversive truth to everyone who will listen.  When politics comes up in a conversation among friends or family, don’t be afraid to lay the truth down.  There’s certainly enough horrible proof out there now to back up what we have to say.

10. Develop healthy relationships with your family and neighbors.  One of the reasons the media is so able to play us off against each other, especially with the gun issue, is that we don’t know or trust anyone anymore.  If you don’t even know your next-door neighbor’s name, the people you live right next to, then that’s a problem.

If we all do these things, we’ll be healthy, smart, and defended.

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4 responses to 10 Easy Steps to Resist Tyranny

  1. also get to know your neighbors! If you are a stranger to them they will not think twice about lending you aid when needed. being disconnected from the community only sets you up to be a target. strength in numbers as the old saying goes.

  2. Nice!!! Infowars should post this!

  3. Great advice!

  4. And may I add, buy several weapons, stock up on food and water. Get a hi powered CB radio to communicate with like minded people. Information on troop movements, US or UN will be important and CB radio is unlicensed!

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