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$1 Million Reward for Ex LAPD Shooter Christopher Dorner/Charlie Sheen Says “Call Me”

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February 10, 2013 in Resistance


Full article here: http://www.themediaspeaks.com/2013/02/10/actor-charlie-sheen-reaches-out-to-dorner-call-me/

Photo courtesy of Yahoo News

By: Anthony Kort.

UPDATE: Authorities are now offering a $1million reward for leads to Christopher Dorner.

Actor Charlie Sheen has reached out to the crazed former LAPD police officer, Christopher Dorner, who is still on the run from the police while the intense manhunt for him continues. Dorner mentioned Sheen along with other celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres, Serena Williams, Natalie Portman, Kevin Hart and Jon Stewart. Sheen was directly addressed in the manifesto by Dorner who wrote “Charlie Sheen, you’re effin’ awesome,”

Charlie Sheen responded to Dorner’s comment, urging the ex-cop to call him: [Continue Reading]

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  1. I wonder how long this guy can stay hidden? Most people on the run get themselves caught by using cell phones or drive around with a broken tail light. They attempt to contact family and that those are the things that get them captured. He was in San Diego! A warm place yet populated. He was last known to be in Big Bear as a winter storm was closing in. I want to know if he will, 1. use electronic devices like cell phone, 2. stay in populated areas,3. use any outdoor survival skills to avoid detection. Attempt to drive somewhere on the highway. It is interesting because his mistakes will expose what the police are using to try to catch him. Notice that Tim McVey was caught in a traffic stop on the highway.

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