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What should an high school graduate do to prepare

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December 4, 2012 in Preparedness


Hello I am about to graduate High School and i want to now what i should do to prepare.

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  1. I keep forgetting to let you people know about a method of communication, which cannot be intercepted by anyone, other than the intended recipient.
    Using a laser pointer at one end and a solar panel to receive and visa versa, private communication can be achieved (Line-of-sight (LOS)), with clear weather… This YouTube video is in french but by watching it, you’ll understand most of it anyway… If you think you need more detail, then find someone who understands French or Canadian French, to interpret it… Someone with a background in electronics would also be helpful… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QN1X6vXA-Y0&feature=share&list=PLEE9A6A16EE204419

    Good luck and please forward this to other groups, who could benefit by it…


  2. thanks alot for the ideas i was wondering if i should go to collage i want to be an engineer but with things getting worse and worse everyday. i am thinking about not going to collage and doing a weilding class for a semster to become a Certified wielder which is around 70 dollars an hour if i rember correctly. or should i just find a job at minimum wage.

    brain, i have been plumbing with my grandfather scince i was 10 im learning about electronics right now and i was never in the boy scounts.

    give me liberty, ya right now im watching alot of youtube preppers video and getting an idea of what is priority number one.

    thinks darryl for the links

    • Hate to sound like an old man, but get your education. Even if SHTF, we will need engineers to rebuild everything, so you will be in high demand.

      • when you put it that way it makes since. i could try and get cetified weilder second semmester then go to collage next school year while making some mony durring the summer. still weighting my options really dont want to go into debt trying to get an eduction that may be worthless in some cases.

  3. Prepping, as mentioned, can be talked about at great lengths…But, the basics are simple. Maybe start by stocking up on some extra food, water, guns, ammo, or some sort of weapon, first aid items, candles..etc etc. You don’t have to buy a ton of stuff all at once.

    Think about your demographics. For example, do you live near woods, water, large city, small town, do you get a lot of power outages, snow, tornadoes???…What kind of items do you think you’ll need for you, your family, your area, etc etc, Or worst case scenario, what items might you need for a “SHTF” type of scenario?…But, we all hope it never comes to that… At bare minimum, you should at least have a well stocked pantry, or maybe a go-to or (bug out) bag, just for emergencies. .Believe me, you’d be surprised just how many people don’t even have an extra battery lying around, for a stupid flashlight!!!

    Perfect example: Every single time you hear a major snow storm, or hurricane (or whatever) is coming, you can’t get within a MILE of the nearest food store! Everyone waits until the last stinkin’ minute, and they buy EVERYTHING they can get their hands on, and all that’s left is a lousy can of Lima beans on the store shelves! It’s absolutely retarded just how LITTLE people actually prep for stuff, or even THINK about prepping for an emergency situation…I don’t get it!

    So, as Darryl mentioned (in his reply) Try checking out things like YouTube, and search for prepping videos, or SHTF prepping videos, and also check out the survivalist boards. You’ll get a much better idea of what prepping is all about, what items might work for you, and the items you might want to have, or need to have.

    Again, don’t go crazy to start with. Do your research, watch a bunch of different prepping-related videos, and try to learn from all of them. Take the things you’ve learned, and use the knowledge for your own personal needs. Start by getting yourself some of the important things (a little extra food, water, 1st aid items, maybe look into some weapons, etc etc)…up to you. But food and water are usually of the utmost importance.

    Remember, it’s better to have some prep items and never have to use them, than to NOT have them IF you really need them!

    Sorry for rambling, but, you get the idea. :)

  4. I would recomend you to begin with understanding for yourself what it is you want to prepare for. Weight out the risks you think you could face in short furture and in distant future. And then – start thinking of the ways how you will face those risks. This way a plan will start to form and you will begin to understand what it is that you need to learn, what skills will be more useful in most of scenarios, what gear you probably will need and what gear will be needed in most of cases, what kind of property you will need and what you have to do to get all that.. And after that – you can begin to realy prepare.

    The thing is – you can’t be 100% prepared for every single possibility. So i would advise at first to learn skills that you might need for most of the worst case scenarios – how to make fire in diferent ways, how to find water, how to provide food, how not to freeze and how not to go nutts when world is falling apart over your head. Learn basics, prepare basic stuff and then you can specialise more into particular scenarios that you think are worth preparing for.

  5. So much to suggest and so little time! At this point if I were you I would avoid military service because; they will be used against the American people or sent off to fight losing wars overseas. Attend a vocational school or community college. Learn people skills and technical skills like engine mechanic, farming, plumbing, electronics! Quick note, Barrow Alaska hires electricians at $4000 a week! A pick up truck can be used in a variety of businesses. For example, a friend with a pick was hired, paid, $500 to haul away “stuff” for a customer. That stuff, was worth $1,500 when he sold it!
    As for preparing, Stock up on food/water, weapons including bow and arrow, Where you a boy scout? Here is were that training pays off! Camping gear, including first aid supplies.
    Good luck!

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