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We Never Needed Gasoline; Alcohol Fuel is the Solution to Our Nation’s Woes

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July 13, 2012 in Preparedness


We never needed gasoline. John D. Rockefeller invested millions into prohibition propaganda via the Women’s Christian Temperance Movement for really no other reason than alcohol fuel was their main competition. Nascar was not allowed to use gasoline until 2005, they were using methyl alcohol. Brazil doesn’t import any oil because they have ethyl alcohol as their main source of liquid fuel.

The first Ford manufactured vehicles were able to run on gasoline or alcohol, and every single vehicle on the road can be easily altered to run on alcohol, unlike other fuels such as natural gas which require considerable alteration.

Alcohol fuel is the most economical solution to all pretencious “world crises”, a poignant event would be western war/imperialism in the middle east, more likely for oil profits than religious or humanitarian reasons. Same with Libya, Syria, and Iran.

Food vs. Fuel is a laughable myth, it’s not made just from corn, in fact corn is one of the worst stock to make alcohol from because it doesn’t contain as much sugar compared to, say, a sugarbeet. Take a look at one-time NASA scientist David Blume’s site for more about food vs. fuel, a good book is Energy Victory by Stephen Zubrin.

The overall point being that you can make your own fuel in your backyard. Anything with calories can be turned into alcohol. Bread crusts, banana peels, onion husks and apple cores are all ideal for alcohol creation, things thrown into landfills every day, the only things that aren’t recycled.

Alcohol fuel is superior to gasoline in every respect; it’s more economically sound to produce our own fuel than to continuing to rely on Saudi Arabia and OPEC. Buying gasoline is funding terrorism wether you support the war on terrorism or recognize it a farse.

Anyone prepping or ready for bunker living should encourage people to brew and distill their own alcohol because we can make our own liquid fuel from the immediate community.

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12 responses to We Never Needed Gasoline; Alcohol Fuel is the Solution to Our Nation’s Woes

  1. Hey you should check out my blog on the prisonplanet forum. http://forum.prisonplanet.com/index.php?topic=230906.0
    You’ve heard of vaporized fuel correct? It’s in David Blume’s books, I believe this is the way of the future for an unprecedented prosperous future. In reality money is representative of energy, since it’s energy that creates anything, Therefore an extremely efficient self-sustainable economy would be by it’s very nature extremely prosperous.

    • YES!! David Blume is a bit over optimistic about ethanol from cellulose but he’s the person needed for real energy discussion. Have you read Energy Victory by Robert Zubrin, he is more in touch with infowarriors than Blume because he doesn’t believe in anthropogenic climate and points out the Saud/US war conspiracy.

      • No i haven’t, I haven’t had time to read anything lately. But yeah I agree that David Blume seems more like a typical academic progressive/liberal type. The type who’ll admit that that our government is extremely corrupt but in the name of corporations instead of say secret societies who control those corporations and parts of our government… But I will definitely check that one out, it was on my list of books to read, but I think I’ll put it on top of my “to read” list now.

        • Excellent, big oil is of course included in the list of evil corporations that are run by the same cabal, yet no one talks about them as much as bankers. The oil/Middle Eastern war connection is lost on many, even here(they see it as a holy war). Zubrin does well lifting the curtain there, the “jihadist universities” aspect was amazing to me.

          Please read my other writings and don’t forget to rate!!! There is too much highly rated Biblical nonsense on this site.

  2. Before I say the negative, I must say that alcohol has some excellent uses in many areas, except automotive.

    A few counter arguments would be as follows:

    1. Alcohol is MORE expensive to mass produce than gasoline, i.e. it requires more energy to produce than to extract from.

    2. Alcohol must be very pure, almost 98% by volume in order to run efficiently in an internal combustion engine, which is rare, unless its a medical grade ethyl alcohol, which is expensive.

    3. Alcohol WILL retain water and corrode gas lines and intakes thereby afflicting the engine. It is also harder to start in cold climates (Lest we forget that Brazil is a tropical country. Use diesel for most northern climes)

    4. Alcohol has lower energy coefficient compared to high octane gasoline thereby providing for greatly diminished torque and gas mileage.

    5. Alcohol does NOT lubricate upper cylinder, piston rings and valves. This results in faster attrition and reduced life span of an engine.

    6. Alcohol WILL harm catalytic converter much sooner than gasoline – its a proven fact. Who wants to have thousand dollar repair after 20k miles?

    7. Using moonshine in your tank will ensure your vehicle to end up at a junk yard in no time.

    No chance for alcohol. I’d much rather use corn oil in diesel engine than alcohol in a gasoline internal combustion engine. For diesel to run the corn oil, almost no conversion would have to be done.

    • If alcohol fuel has excellent uses, why not automotive?
      Here are my answers to your argument;
      1. I have heard this argument before but what I don’t see is credible research behind it. Here’s a link for busting ethanol myths- http://permaculture.com/node/490 the first one is regarding production expense.
      2. Yes, ethyl alcohol must be as pure as possible to be energy efficient, or even to get you as efficiently drunk as possible. Moonshiners know this and can make 98% alcohol no problem, so it is definitely not rare or that expensive. Much of the methyl alcohol, like that Nascar used until 2005, is a by-product of oil distillation.
      3. Alcohol fuel is not more corrosive for engines; you can drink it; it’s ok for the pistons. That it is a cooler burning fuel does mean it can be a problem in cold climates, so simply squirt gasoline for ignition and then run alcohol no problem. I live in Alaska by the way and people aren’t too interested in diesel because of the cost, but the technology is invigorating.
      4.Decreased torque, increased horsepower. It gets less MPG but who cares when you make it yourself.
      5. Are you relying on gasoline to lubricate the cylinder and so forth, because I’m used to using engine oil for that. Considering there are flex fuel cars on the road right now I’m guessing the cylinder problem’s been fixed. Actually it’s never been a problem as the model T ran on alcohol or gas.
      6. Please provide a link to that proven fact, I do like alcohol fuel knowledge. It took me about 3 or 4 years to put 10k miles on my gasoline engine without issue, but many Alaskans will have major engine problems in that time, so your 20k problem does not seem serious to me, and is actually baseless.
      7. Yes I agree do not pour booze in your gas tank and expect it to work, research should be done first.

      I’m all for biodiesel, but no chance for your counterargument; you seem to reject that internal combustion engines have been running alcohol fuel before gasoline, and if any one item in your list of 7 were relevant then major motor companies such as Ford probably wouldn’t be making flex fuel cars now.

      Please provide proof, maybe some kind of scientific literature that supports your counterargument?

  3. Alcoholic, I live in Ghana. Our two main source for alcohol is sugarcane and palm trees. How can I turn the alcohol into fuel? The alcohol extracts is our local drink and if prepared well it’s flammable. I guess my question is, is the extract from the sugarcane or palm trees ok for fueling a car? Must it go through a process?

    • Yes, surgarcane is ideal for making ethanol, which is shown with your flammable drink. It isn’t much more of a process from the beverage, really, just a purer distillation. Vehicles are all capable of running on methyl, ethyl, gasoline or any mixture of the three. Read more on David Blume’s site, permaculture.com, on how to make ethanol fuel.

  4. Alcohol will quickly destroy modern engines, especially small ones like generators, lawn mowers or chain saws (hence ‘converting’ to alcohol). You need to modify fuel lines, gas tanks, carburetors, gaskets, etc. So don’t add alcohol to your fuel unless you know what you’re doing! Even the 10% ethanol mandated in many areas destroys small engines much quicker than would happen otherwise.

    Food vs fuel is NOT a myth when they’re forcing food producers to instead grow fuels without replacing the lost food production, or when it’s more profitable to sell to fuel producers than food producers thanks to subsidies. Which is what is happening in many places.

    And the ONLY reason we rely on any foreign source for fuel or oil is because we’re not allowed to develop our own. There is no oil shortage… though it will certainly be much easier to acquire alcohol than oil in a SHTF type scenario.

    Not saying converting to alcohol is a bad thing. Just be sure you know what you’re doing!

    • Modern gasoline engines may well be destroyed from improper customization from how specialized and computerized they are. Of course research must be done, I found this interesting about modern vs. older model car conversions, http://www.autoobserver.com/2009/10/home-brewed-ethanol-guru-brings-message-to-peterson-auto-museum.html . There are also plenty of modern flex fuel vehicles.

      It truly is a dire situation when producers are ‘forced’ to do something, which is the entire motivation of Alex Jones and Inforwars. In a free market alcohol fuel would severely drive down the price of gasoline through competition. What I am promoting is making fuel in your own backyard, alongside making your own food, which lowers the cost of food.

      Another reason we use imported fuel is because it’s higher quality, “sweeter” from the middle east. The crude that comes out of Alaska needs to be processed more for less of the profitable cuts, which is why most American crude is shipped off to be processed elsewhere. You are allowed to make your own alcohol fuel just check the ATF.

      I agree people should know what they’re doing, they should research for converting to alcohol fuel as the standard instead of an alternative. It is the solution to our nation’s woes.

  5. how can u convert it to heat a greenhouse?

    • Anything gas does alcohol fuel does better. If you’re using an oil burning heater for your greenhouse it’s a small matter to adjust burning ratios for alcohol.

      Although it seems inefficient to me to heat a greenhouse, or to use alcohol fuel for heat at all. With a self-sufficient permaculture designed home, you’d likely use other sources for heat such as wood stove (like I do) or even electric.

      Does your greenhouse produce in the winter, with efficient heating? I live in Fairbanks, AK and would like to prove that a 12-month producing greenhouse is possible even in the arctic circle. What I’ve come across so far are geodesic biodomes though I’ve yet to try them myself…http://www.geodesic-greenhouse-kits.com/

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