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Tips From Homeless on Urban Survival. Shelters and Missions.

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August 27, 2012 in Preparedness


I know I warn against staying in Missions and shelters a lot  but there are times that it is Necessary.

( for me it was to get a shower and cleaned up and a night of rest with out worrying about police or someone slitting my throat or some kid  soaking me in gas and torching me for the fun of it.)

There are many Different  types of  shelters from ones that are only open for a few hours in the evening to take people in  to ones that are open  24/7  these places have a use other than  just a meal and a bed  you should also  use them to  see who all are in  the same  predicament as you watch people  how they act what they say  etc.. DO NOT be overly friendly and  be cautious of ones that are its a sign of Either 1.They  want something  from you and want to gain your trust  quickly to get it. or  2.They are new to the streets and  don’t really know  how dangerous it is. in the case of   #2 I usually weigh the situation and there  actions and attitude if i feel it in my best interest i would take them under wing and teach them as much as i could but that was in the days when  we used to watch  each others back  and things have changed since than.

On the other side of the coin DO NOT be completely Silent either you could be taken as a predator homeless one that  is targeting there next victim or an anti social that thinks they are better than all the rest. ( I fell into  this category once not that i thought i was better but they thought i did cause i never spoke. I have a Social Anxiety disorder so it takes a major effort to  approach strangers. I found out later that if i had not finally sat down and  chatted with them  they had plans to  jump me and take what little i had but  because i did   i fell in a with a group that watched each others back and when we had extra we shared.)

That is what your looking for its not easy to read people but with a little effort  you can have a support system  even on the streets. Rare as it is I hope there are still some that hold to that Ideal.

More later Maybe


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4 responses to Tips From Homeless on Urban Survival. Shelters and Missions.

  1. Useful article. Homeless people are rapidly becoming the experts in Urban Survival. Who was it said “necessity if the mother of all invention”?

    We hear about dumpster diving for food etc. but what about sources of free drinkable water in an urban environment? What would your recommendations be for that?

    • @SitRepUK For water I usually go to parks and public restrooms Of course you cant filter out the chems in the water cant afford the filters but is better than nothing but now the parks are turning off there Drinking fountains I Know FDR park in NY has and have heard others have.
      as for dumpster diving for food I would not suggest it most places now make it a practice to douse the food they toss in bleach. mostly it is places like KFC, TacoBell, Wendy’s, Mc Donalds, etc… that do this so small mom and pop places would be your best bet but try pearl diving them first.
      Pearl Diving: is Asking to work for a meal and most Mom and Pops are likely to help you out.

  2. Your posts are my favorite read on this forum. Just so you know someone is reading them! What are your suggestions regarding theft? You stated that staying in a shelter increased theft risk. Can you sleep?

    • thank you glad to know someones reading these.
      Most places have an area that you turn in you stuff and claim it in the morning but often enough they “Misplace” things. its not like you can watch it through the night just sleep and hope for the best or stash it out side someplace safe I used to use Bus Lockers at the stations but I don’t think it would be a good idea anymore with the Super Pedo Power Rangers all over the place now.

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