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Threats in our “Brave New World”????

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December 24, 2012 in Preparedness


What threats to expect in the coming “Global Statist Utopia”..

Level 1 : Petty property crimes.. Such as, auto breakins, stealing your bicycle, etc etc..

Level 2 : Personal crimes.. Being accosted by an unknown stranger, in all it’s variations..

Level 3 : Organized assaults, against you or your home by multiple criminal assailants..

Level 4 : Attacks by organized State sponsored thugs, used as a political weapon..

Level 5 : Assault by Traitorous Government forces, seizure of property, false detention..

Level 6 : Open war, against Uniformed forces of Tyrannical Government..

Levels 1 thru 3 are a criminal issue, random threats we all face on a daily basis.. Can happen at any time, with no way to predict.. The randomness in frequency or severity is a threat in and of itself.. But these are threats, we are accustomed to in a modern world.. These risks can me moderated with simple preparation, planning, and behavior adjustment..

Levels 4 thru 6, are a new development for average Americans.. Government sponsored and organized attacks by funded political operatives, on our own citizenry.. This is common practice in lesser nations in the world, but unknown in America until recently.. Threats like this, from actual Government Agencies, require a completely different mindset, as compared to Criminal Threats.. This is a whole new bag of snakes!

We have already seen selective prosecution of crimes.. Government shielding its own paid operatives, Like the Unions thugs in the Midwest, and The New Black Panthers.. Random racially motivated attacks around the country against whites, some resulting in murder, are NOT EVEN INVESTIGATED.. Anyone who questions why, is called racist in the media, and threatened with prosecution for hate crimes by an openly corrupt and treasonous Justice Department! Racially hateful propaganda being distributed as entertainment by Hollywood is proliferating, as seen in the recent films Machete and D’jango.. “I get to kill all the white people”, and the crowd cheers, that isn’t racist????

Unequal enforcement of the law, persecution of a selected segment of society.. Are clear symptoms of a Tyrannical Governing System.. But I never suspected that the US Government, would take its cues from Charles Manson, and bring about Helter Skelter!

Damn, I’m as bad as Alex, drifting off topic…

The point I am making, is you cannot prepare for the Threat of Tyrannical Govt, in the same way as the Threat from Criminal Elements..

Plain criminals come at you?? You drive them off any way possible, it is expected.. If they bleed or die in the process, its all good! But now, some selected criminals are given Government Sanction, and are protected Criminal assets??? Just for defending yourself, now YOU will be prosecuted.. How do you prepare for that???

Worse yet, are the Uniformed Sworn Traitors, who serve nothing but their Judas Paycheck and their  next move upward in the Hierarchy of Treason.. They are even worse criminals than the street thugs, because they defile their own sworn word.. They would make war on their own people, if it keeps their meal ticket.. The Lowest of the Low, and the most dangerous!

They’ll shoot a Mom in the Head, with a baby in her arms… Or burn your house down, and shoot ya when you come out.. And be protected by the Government from their crimes!

Just musing, that different threats require different preparations.. Remember, sometimes the best way to defend your home, is NOT BE TRAPPED IN IT!


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