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The only strategic relocation is nowhere (now-here)

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January 4, 2013 in Preparedness


I watched the video strategic relocation and my mouth dropped when I heard the relocation expert Joel Skousen say that  the worst place on earth to relocate is on a Caribbean island. I live in Sint Maarten so I though how can such a tiny dot on a map matter to a globalist? Where would be the best place to ‘hide’? if not on an island, maybe on a mountain top? I guess  if I learn to become a hippie, generate my own water,  grow my own food, power my own energy and dig a deep-enough whole to call it my second home, I might be able to resist the chaos a little longer then those stock in the cities.

Despite the inspiring thought of living a ‘simple’ life surrounded by nature, I  can’t help thinking that maybe there is no such thing as a safe place. If it’s global, then it’s going to affect the globe, so maybe survival is not about the ‘where’ but about the ‘when’.

Chemtrails are being sprayed world-wide and spread by winds all over the planet. The toxic blanket covering the earth today kills by contact every form of non-GMO life and threatens our very own existence by forcing our bodies to host destructive alien parasites (commonly called Morgellons desease). The truth is that we are all being wipe-dead like cockroaches. Hopefully the awakened will stop the bug-spray before getting micro-shipped like dogs.

Maybe the only strategic location we can be in is in front of our computer right here and now.  Our technology is offering us the opportunity to awaken the people and change the course of history. Imagine if previous generations had such a chance, would the world be a better place by now? During world war II,  If the jewish knew the nazis were coming to exterminate them, would they stand against them? If we don’t use this chance now, we never will because our ability to communicate will soon be taken away by censorship and control of the internet.

The key to our survival might not be to individually run for a refuge but to collectively focus and wake up as many people as we can. The change we all want can only occur when we leave our comfort zone, not when we search for one.


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12 responses to The only strategic relocation is nowhere (now-here)

  1. Back in September I bought an 80 watt ten meter band ham radio. I had it converted to CB. I can broadcast a thousand miles without any stupid FCC license. I do not own a cell phone because they are tracking devices. I can ditch the internet any time. Look at the police cameras on stoplights around your town. The time to bug out and resist is coming soon!

  2. We all gotta work with what we’ve got. I have the book, and there are many good ideas, but some of the locations… such as San Rafael, CA, north of San Francisco. I got stuck there for 12 years, couldn’t afford to live there,and couldn’t afford to leave. Sure, from a geological point of view it’s logical, BUT it is an Agenda 21 stronghold, full of arrogant, “Lear Jet liberals” and “out of touch” old hippies that either inherited or bought homes 30 years ago for $30,000, and are gloating on how that house is now literally worth a million, and just don’t “get” those of us working and having to pay $1,000 a month rent on a small studio apartment. Everyone there “assumes” “real people” make at least $100 an hour. Worse, it is maybe 50 miles from Bohemian Grove, and also a prime MK-Ultra location. Lt. Col. Michael Aquino owns property here, and no matter what he claims, he was involved in occult and mind control activity there. So much of the population are Monarchs. There is a major OTO group, also a Scottish Rites Temple, and many other wierd cults, such as the “Adi Da” cult from the 1980′s. It’s not a violent place, but it’s not affordable, and there is wierdness there with the people I found hard to take.

  3. If we’re thinking of it, then they probably are too. I’m sure that these control freaks have a plan to get at the rural areas. They will use the drones to locate and possibly fire at us no matter where we go. I have decided to go down with the ship if need be. I’ll continue to try to inform people and fight the info war. The only hiding place for me is faith in Jesus Christ.

    • I am with you Dana, I am sure that they will target the rural areas and concentrate the survivors into tiny apartment towers (agenda 21) or into FEMA camps. There is nowhere to hide. We must keep the faith! Stay put and stay positive. Spread the word! God bless my friend.

  4. Difficult one indeed. I think the best thing people can do is try and learn as many skills as they can whilst we are still able to. Trying to plan for a specific future apocalypse or social unrest is impossible because every situation will have its own solution.

    Just stay attuned to what is going on in the world and hopefully nothing will catch you out.

    • Thanks for your reply Binxie. I agree with you; trying to think of a better place to relocate drove me crazy and depressed. I finally decided to stay put and do whatever I can to spread the word. I feel empowered by my mission. It motivates me and I feel much stronger now!

  5. C said on January 6, 2013

    If “We” all abandon the cities who will be left to fight the enemy? If “We” all “head for the hills” who shall lead those without the knowledge, methods and motivation to overcome the storm? If “We” choose to desert that which we have built it will be left to the enemy and those left will not be able to use it to the proper advantages.

    In scattering, dispersing and “bugging out” we separate our “own kind” even farther because we are not and will not be as “close” as we are now, and we will surrender the advantage we already have in numbers and concentration.

    “Retreat” is a last resort and though you [We] may achieve a temporary “solace” and security in “escaping” we are really only weakening our positions and assuring an easier victory for the “other side”.

    In “war” many “sacrifices” are required by many people, and while “getting away” from the fray seems profitable it really only postpones the defeat [and sacrifice] that will be required and actually adds to the numbers in the end; you [We] cannot achieve victory through escape.

    WE who possess the knowledge, skills, attitude and motivation are called to gather others and lead them when the time comes, and if we don’t it really will be all over for AMERICA because while we’re all safely hunkered down in our “secret bunkers”, hideouts and mountain/wilderness retreats waiting to be over-run by “the hoards” this place will be overtaken/destroyed AND “We” will merely be on the escalating “list” of targets.

    Better to fight, to take the fight to the enemy, to be proactive, aggressive and ruthless immediately; motivating and indoctrinating “the masses” around us and overwhelm that which will confront us – THAT is the only reality that will lead to victory. It’s “Us” or “Them” and nobody is getting out of this without damage; how willing are you to really engage?

  6. Wandering around the woods vs. staying put. Hmmmmm

  7. You stay where you are. As for me and my house hold, we are relocating.

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