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The ONE thing you should do right now to insure your life and freedom!

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December 21, 2012 in Preparedness


This is my first post on this prison planet website so forgive me if it seems rushed or incomplete.

Listen, so I meet alot of people who claim they believe all of these things that Alex Jones and Ron Paul talk about. But then I hear that jeez… They don’t even own a gun? Or maybe they own a gun, but guess what? It’s at home!

Why is it important to own AND carry a gun? Well for the simple fact that the government doesn’t want you to! It’s not enough to just obtain a gun you should obtain a concealed carry weapons license (CCW) with it to carry legally. Carrying a weapon on you everywhere is an invaluable asset and very simple way to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your rights.

Now is the time. You don’t need an AR-15. All you need is a simple cheap handgun and a CCW license to go with it. Carry it everywhere. And make sure to stock up on some ammunition as that is one of the things that will be harder and harder to find as we go on. I know the assault weapon ban has everyone scared but to be honest, the best weapon you can have is a handgun. An AR semi-auto stays at home and rarely is available for when a person will ever need it. Now don’t get me wrong, I still need to pickup an AR and I think they are invaluable to own, but I think handguns are more realistic and necessary for ALL to own.

Many will cite COST as being a reason for not being able to purchase a weapon. You can buy a Kel-tec PF-9 (9mm) for $250.00 in any gun shop across America. That is very cheap for a gun. Paired with a CCW license (my state is $50 for an online class and $50 to the state) thats $350. To be honest I recommended that you actually get a Glock in 9mm or .40 but these weapons (which by the way are what the police carry) are $500.00 and I know in these times it is quite a bit of money.

Now if you buy a gun lemme say it one more time… Carry it with you! If you don’t like carrying a concealed weapon then get a smaller gun. The same company — Kel-tec makes a .380 auto that can fit in your pocket and you’ll never know its there for the same price as the 9mm version. Lastly, train with your gun, be proficient, and carry EVERYWHERE.

Anyways if you actually believe the stuff we are talking about on this website then I would appreciate it if some of you guys start taking the state of the country more seriously. Protection and well being of you and your families/ friends are YOUR responsibility. The police are for after the crime has been committed. Its your choice to either just go on talking about how things are bad or actually being a force in the world that is able to stop evil when it crosses your path.


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6 responses to The ONE thing you should do right now to insure your life and freedom!

  1. Here in AZ we don’t need no stinking permits but I have one for when I travel out of state, and they are still required for instant gun purchases [no B.G. check] and are needed on some public/state parks.

    I’ve been carrying a 1911 for 35 years even when it wasn’t permitted and it has saved me several times.

  2. having a ccw tells the gub-ment where to come to take them.don’t get a ccw,and carry it open!!

    • C said on January 6, 2013

      I think having a permit is the better choice, and only fools don’t have [other] weapons “stashed” where they are safe.

  3. I tend to not carry mine around if I’m close to home simply because I’m afraid the cops will take it away if I get pulled over or something (yeah maybe that wouldn’t be legal but that doesn’t seem to stop them). $250 would take me months to scrounge up.

  4. Very good advice Jake.

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