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(martial law will be declared in usa between 16 august-28 september 2012)

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August 25, 2012 in Preparedness


The Hagmann & Hagmann Report with Steve Quayle

By Hagmann and Hagmann Report


Join the Hagmann & Hagmann Report tonight for a three-hour “Saturday Night Special” featuring Steve Quayle as our very special guest. Grab a newspaper and a Bible, and follow along as Steve Quayle walks us through the clash of worlds, both seen and unseen. The Holy Bible contains 8,352 verses, of which 1,817 are prophetic in nature (1239 in the Old Testament and 578 in the New Testament). See how current events are following the outline given to us by God, and how the prophecies written thousands of years ago are evident in today’s headlines. You will not hear this elsewhere, at least not in this form and delivery of tonight’s show.

To listen live, click here (Opens in a window)

steve quayle explains it as he sees it . the clash of worlds, both seen and unseen….prays for alex jones..the approach of planet x…your money is no longer yours …martial law will be declared in the USA between 16 august-28 september 2012

explains who will be on the red list/ blue list  .Steve Quayle says martial law will be declared in usa sometime between 16 august-28 september 2012……




Military Convoys Now Moving Through the United States


convoys spotted in Georgia, Louisville, Navada, California. More than just a coincidence


What is going on?


Martial law soon to be declared ?


(martial law will be declared in usa between 16 august-28 september 2012)




Red crescent trucks


Red crescent trucks part 1


Red crescent trucks part 2


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7 responses to (martial law will be declared in usa between 16 august-28 september 2012)

  1. Thanks for posting. SHARED.

  2. I did catch this out of that broadcast:
    This was right at the end of the last hour.

  3. I must have missed that, I did walk out to do things during the broadcast. Where was that at approximately? I really don’t want to relisten to the whole thing. Thx.

    • SURE steve quayle quotes alot from the bible,myths and legends …but he talks about the military and police …..martial law will be declared in the USA sometime between 16 august-28 september 2012…..

      FROM 94 minutes into the interview explains from source info …… about the red list ….gunowners/talk show hosts when martial law comes into force …. blue list…. police /military …..special operations inside /outside the USA

  4. sure he does go on about the bible …..martial law banking collapse fema camps destruction of personal freedom is all in our minds no facts to back it up ?
    military on the streets ?

  5. sure this where others are involved ..whistleblowers …..only the illuminated those who have the info..knowledge will know the purposes of these actions

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