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The Art of the Implanting Cult

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March 24, 2015 in Preparedness


The Art of the Implanting Cult

Oh yes, they are a cult. At first, I would call them a mafia… like “Canadian mafia” or “medical mafia.”
But as you dig deeper and learn more of what this cult of disinformed minions serving their monst… umm…
masters one begins to see. Cult members are militarized at a young age with cub or scouts or rangers or brownies.

As they grow more wary, and it is encouraged, they learn more military things. They may be “born again” just the

way William Cooper described in his Mystery Babylon broadcasts.

Alex Jones said his relatives who were initiates to some world-wide, secret society would have nothing to do with him after he became a public figure supporting the constitution and civil rights.

Anyone with secret society relatives must be very wary of how the cult manipulate its minions in order to manipulate/set-up targeted constitutionalists and civil rights advocates.
At first, family minions will be told very little and will remain in the dark, so to speak. The “light” of the

situation relieved to close relatives will be presented on a necessity-to-know basis. No big-picture is given, but

rather a false-big-picture is given to pacify them if they become wary. On the other hand, in-law minions will

be set to task upon these designated loved-ones who are, indeed, loved by them and dis-informed of the truth of the

designed targeting. Unassociated (stranger) minions will be used to do all the dirty work at first.

False situations will be instructed to be concocted by in-law, cult-minions, their performance will be admired and

maybe rewarded with every success. There is nothing in a house-hold or a work-place that is not recorded by the

cult’s technology. It is easy to predict that within Infowars head quarters, even if infiltrators are still

camouflaged, all body movements and communications are recorded and analyzed for loop-holes where they can be

set-up by this world-wide cult and Alex and team know this… surveillance goes even through concrete and steel

for decades.

Now, the cult will not be able to monitor anyone’s personal thoughts using high-tech surveillance. They may be

able to detect moods or emotions and brain activity, but a direct interface will be needed to analyze and decipher the thoughts each person has. I read about nano-dust-particle interfaces entering the lungs and lodging its way

into the brain and capable of thought processing, but the likelihood of that is low, maybe 5% probability.
Popular Science had an article about nano-bots from an injection then coalescing in the brain by effort to form a

more complex brain-chip. Now, this is much more likely, maybe 10% probability.

Most likely, medical mafia minions will physically be hired to directly install macro-implants, but their internal

structure will be nano sized. This requires the candidate to become unconscious for the entire procedure. We do

live in an age of deception like Cooper said. Drugging people with high-tech is not the way it used to be. The

cult has compounds that interact with energy weapons for a long time; let’s say since the 1960′s and that would be

a good guess, but probably earlier.

This high-tech drugging shows no effects, yet a whole lecture hall of students could be drugged with this and no-

one realizes it. Now, just shine the invisible”light” upon a target and that person is made sleepy or tired.

Once the head stops moving and the energy weapon can be concentrated to a pencil-beam into the subjects brain and

there will be no way of regaining consciousness until the body is pushed out of the beam or the beam “light” is

removed. No residual effects of being drugged yet totally incapacitating. I would suspect that official testing

equipment is designed to hide the presences of this reactive compound. The public will never know.

That is what a cult is all about… “the public will never know…”
Now, while unconscious by energy beam, the Manchurian candidate is implanted by the medical mafia crew while they

snicker and laugh at how sneaky and evil they have become. Well, some can’t handle their designated future of

hatred for the profane and the kill themselves before their soul is damned I guess… I don’t know, but there is a lot of teen deaths for some reason and I bet official studies hide their family cult associations.

My intentions are not to disturb anyone’s world-view. If you like, just think of this being the scratchpad for the development of some video submission to an Infowars video competition.

So for story-line purposes, say the constitutionalists above avoided many of the cult tactics to fabricate falsehoods against the good-guy. The big picture is and always was kill the civil rights guy. So after a quick assessment while surveilling and analyzing the freedom-fighter during visits with some camouflaged, cult minions… a decision is made to brain-chip him and figure out what his thoughts are. In order to do this, a clean bill of health and engineering degree presents a problem… the cult need to fabricate a false medical record so a brain-chip suicide can be hidden from any loved-ones. Yes, the cults big-picture was always death to freedom and its fighters.

Don’t be fooled. The computer-brain-interface(CBI) is the most hideous invention while in the hands of monsters.

This death-cult controls the wireless brain-chip “Skynet”… They are your local “CBI Central-command”. The microwave tower control grid is the “skynet” in the Terminator series and they are used their movies to be prophetic… they even talk about false prophets in the last movie.

There is another type of implant the cult injects that are reactive to the beam of the energy weapons. If the target does not have the compound in his body that allows the beam to affect the flesh then implants within the subject are targeted with the concentrated energy beam. It the target has no implants yet, then medical records will reveal areas of the body where insensitive skin sensation may reside upon the body. A close-range rifle can be used to inject an implant rather than a heart-stopping drug. This is the only time one should consider covertly-installed implants beneficial and these guys are not considered medical mafia, I suspect.

Energy weapon local-effect implants
These implant have not interface qualities other than disturbing the tissue next to it.
If inside a muscle they can be used to slow movement loose grip on a ladder or rope… I just realize it is an assassin’s tool that leaves only a pin-prick and no blood. It goes right through coarse jean material and could help a victim to fall to her death. It wouldn’t be used to frame a person for man-slaughter letting go of a rope since close inspection reveals the pin-prick point of entry and the technology would be exposed. And here I thought brain-chip implants breaking one’s concentration and causing loss of conscious control was the only way to instigate an artificial accident. This write-up is teaching me things.

Implants under the teeth causes a specific tooth-ache or massive multi aches. When you go to the dentist which

may even be arranged by an unsuspected minion in order to select another minion to do the dental-work and implanting. The tooth aches would be used to fabricate a false medical record. The dentist could document that the tooth-aches are in your head, so to speak ;) You have been discreteded.
If your teeth are good with no problems The art of implants will fabricate problems.
Your dental x-rays will be given to a periodontist- minion to design your reshaping of your bite. Massive amounts of enamel will be ground off your teeth… an overbite to massive proportions will shove your jaw-bone back into your face every time you clench your bright shiny-white teeth. First you have to scrape off the artificial goo painted on your teeth to simulate plaque, maybe it ages the teeth as well as hides the sudden overnight changes.

Mind you, the brain-chip monitors the sensation each tooth feels and this data is used to create a well meshed massive over-bite. The upper incisors will have the inside enamel ground away right into the pulp in order to make room for the lower incisors. The is what the cult does to the good-guys, to help info-warriors create a false medical record against themselves. You have no-one to complain to. And if the freedom-fighter is unaware of the minion dentist you were set-up to pay for his treachery against civil right… you will be on your documented way to one of their adversarial-holding houses.

If the cult wants to cause you further dental problems… then it is time for joint implants. These implants can’t be accessed through the inside of the mouth so they must go through your cheek. But a cut on the cheek cannot be hidden at all, period. Their surgeon-minion needs to go through a face injury in order to operate on the jaw joint installing the implant. The phony pimple method is used. That is not to say that a robotic, self-inflicted face laceration could be done to the brain-chipped body while the mind is unconscious.

Now, you have to be introduced to artificial zits… If the cult ever gives you an artificial pimple it can be identified by not starting properly and it is not centered around a single hair follicle. The skin strangely begins to to become infected over multiple follicles… not one can be identified as a black-head plug or deeper; this is not a true pimple, it is a irritation that swells like an insect bite. But there are not insects in the middle of frozen winter.
There is no puss inside, so don’t try to pop it. The purpose of the artificial zit is for you to scratch the unbroken skin off it and create a wound for the medical mafia to inject the implant while the brain-chip maintains your oblivious unconsciousness.

When the cult want both jaw joint compromised so you can’t eat or speak properly the artificial zits are placed over the joint. If you don’t touch or scratch the skin, the skin will harden and soon try to shrink without evidence of injury, without any blood to cause scabbing. It is hard not to touch it, but it will eventually dislodge away from the fresh skin that forms underneath the hardened false pimple. Sounds surreal and it is supposed to, lol.
If you give-in and scratch the skin off, it will not heal… blood does not clot and a real scab never surfaces. If you are in-experienced and unaware of cult tactics you may go to the doctor and complain of strange pimples, sudden dental overbite occurring, teeth feeling cramped, and likely other cultish irritants done to your body. And slowly your fabricated medical record expands even more. You are profane and the cult members hate you… The cult members minions are lied to by their masters to make them hate you even more… but Yuri Bezmenov and Bill Cooper warned the minions that they were being tricked into servitude to stab the good people in the back. Alex Jones always warns the minions that they are on the chopping block, too.

Military family minions have been conditioned to believe they do not serve any death-cult secret-society. They are lead to think that “stupid people” should not be given a vote to direct their organization to destruction. They don’t believe in everyone being equal. They are taught that the mentally strong must lead the stupid. What they are not taught is they are being mentally mislead by their elite, globalist masterminds who think circles around them to used cults sworn secrecy to eventually delete their power of public deception.

The military families are about to be replaced with cyborg robots… And I should know!

Magnus Olsson was covertly implanted in Sweden and heads an important fight against the globalist in Europe. He said in an interview that likely over a million Europeans are now “online” like every wirelessly connected brain-chipped human in Fortress North America.

The compact disks I produced and distributed in Western Canada since 2002 had warning documents about Fortress North America which was seen as a bad sign of fascism. A year or so ago potash mines on the Canadian prairies were built but not put into use. They must be expected to be used to help future fortress robustness. Underwater lookout grids (probes) were being funded and built for “science” I recall after 9/11.
These expensive coastal sea-bed lookout towers were to provided important sea-bed condition data and other monitoring data.

They encircle high population areas of Canada and the USA with deep sea floor-bed probes to monitor movement… They are like body-implants upon our lovely planet that communicate back to Cenral-Command no doubt…by this same cult with their masters.

I’ll clean this up later,

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