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Survival Tips 101 ( Alternate Fishing Methods 2 )

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August 13, 2012 in Preparedness


Hello All,

After posting the first Alternate Fishing Methods, I felt it was a bit too open ended to give everyone the ultimate in “flexability” that is needed in survival. So here is the ” rest of the story” ( Long Live Paul Harvey!!!)

We covered the basics of simple “limb, throw and trot” lines, which in thier own right will get the job done, but at the cost of valuable equipment. Lets say the unthinkable happens and you loose all the fish hooks( refer to my “city dwellers disappearing act” post ). There are means to catch fish without hooks. I am refering to “fish traps”. These can be built from small green limbs and smaller rope, string or fishing line. Construction begins with finding and “shaping” ( soaking smaller green limbs in water for a couple of days helps make them easier to form”hoops” or rings that are used to supprt the limbs to build a “cone” about 3-6 feet long depending on the swiftness of the water( small traps in current, or it takes considerable more to “anchor” the larger traps in current). The rear of the cone comes to a point at the end, with all sticks secured. The front diameter can be anywhere from 12inches to 3 feet, depending on the size you wish, and the prey you are after and thier environment. Once the opening is secured( keep the spacing where the sticks are close, about 3/4 to 1 in between the sticks, but not to close as it needs to allow water flow and extra small fish to escape) The front of the trap gets a reducing funnel in its opening, in which it only has about a 5-9 inch ( depending on prey) opening to allow the fish to swim into the trap. The principal is, that fish are all about instincts and not about rational thought, so they do have a hard time finding the opening in the center once they swim inside and reach the back of the trap. There are some videos on youtube that show “primitive” fish trap building<<<<deffinently worth a look, just to get a “mental picture” for later reference.

Once you have constructed a few, it is time to get them traps “working”. Some type of bait is needed most of the time, but some traps work off of “traffic” alone, meaning placing the trap in a highly traveled area and using the natural surroundings to ”force” the fish to go towards the trap( you can also place obsticles in the fishes path). Make sure to always face the opening down stream in waters that are moving, so the front does not get clogged with debris or worse yet, destroyed ( I got the t-shirt for that move  :(   ). Pay close attention to how you “anchor” the trap, to make it as easy and secure as possible to check and redeploy. The time spent to learn the construction and use fish traps, greatly increases your “options” for putting food in your belly.

NOTE: Before attempting any of the methods that are described here or anywhere for that matter, check your local fish and game laws regarding any activities on “public” waters or forests, to avoid any complications from local game wardens.

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