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Survey : Owning an UnderGround Bunker.

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November 26, 2012 in Preparedness


Survey : Owning an UnderGround Bunker.
I am considering offering the service of having underground bunkers delivered, and install to residents
in the 100 mile radius of NYC.  The cost would be in the $7000.00 range for a 40′ – 60′ ft  repurposed shipping container.
Prepared and treated for underground installation.
If this is a service that you feel would be worthy of great consideration. Please leave a reply.
 This is just a survey to see if I want to take to the business to the next level.  Thank you. 

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2 responses to Survey : Owning an UnderGround Bunker.

  1. How deep can it be buried, how much pressure can the final shelter withstand on the sides and bottom? One cubic yard of earth non-compacted is approximately a ton. Can it be set up to handle a nuke strike from 5 miles out? What other options do you have to offer? Can you deliver and install this discreetly and in very short order? Can you install this on high enough ground to avoid the problems Sandy has precipitated (no pun intended) on underground installations and services? How will you deal with the displaced soil?

    If NYC gets nuked, how long can a family of 4 live in there and thrive before coming up after the rads drop to safe levels?

    These are some things to think about as we are facing some serious problems and NYC is a densely populated city on the coast and it applies to all major population centers in the U.S. that would be prime targets for NBC and carry over to areas where the prevailing winds will carry the fallout or dispersed agents.

    I like the idea of using these containers, but I want to make sure the shelter will hold up to the abuse they will get over time.

    Just things to think about given the circumstances.

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