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October 13, 2016 in Preparedness


Is it too much for me to ask for? I’m feeling very down today knowing what I must soon face… I can barely keep my head up. While the sunset earlier I played with my older dog. His favorite thing to do is having me throw him the football. That sure help cheer me up…. seeing how excited and happy he was over something so simple.

What’s on my mind? I’m damn near worried sick about the one I love wondering if she’s alright. I ain’t heard from her in a week and usually when she doesn’t post stuff that means bad shits happening. In my financial situation I’m trapped… I ain’t even left the city in years other than the counties right outside of here. It’s such a pathetic helpless sort of feeling not being able to be there for her.

There’s too much to go over… I’m going to start making some moves right now. I finally found a bank where I can open up an account… I got practically rejected from two banks already. As far as I can tell my social security number and birth date are flagged because they had me reconfirm one of those or both before they insisted I must go open up my account at the bank in person…. but I ain’t going to do that because they’ll ask me too many nosy questions. I’m trying to open up a bank account just so I can hopefully get back on the amazon marketplace… then I’ll start making a lot of money really fast. The thought of that makes me cringe but I still must do whatever it takes… I have thousands of dollars worth of stock sitting around that I never would’ve bought if I knew they were going to banish me, yet this is going to make it easier on me than when I first started online sales… it took me almost a whole year to pay off my debt and get any profit in my pockets but this time I can go full speed ahead rather than having a slow start. I know so much more than I did and money is really grossing me out. Even though the money is easy I damn near don’t even want it.

Well I guess wish me luck… as soon as I have the money I’ll pay to get my scientific paper on planetary formation written and published. Then I’ll get some glasses because I’ve had these for over ten years and right now they’re held together by tape… so I guess by the looks of it I’ve gotten my nerd on for the past month. Hopefully I can soon afford some contacts as well because I like those more than glasses. After that I guess all that’s left is for me to stack up paper so I can make a way to be together with my lover but I don’t want to wait anymore. It’ll probably take a few months for the scientific paper to get accepted into a journal but hopefully it can go through right away and cause a commotion in the scientific community. I didn’t do this to “make a name for myself” but apparently that’s what I must do for people to take me seriously. After that it’ll be easy to pitch my business idea and then I’ll be able to use those funds to retire from the world with my lover… then we’ll finally be back living at one with the earth again without a worry in the world.

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