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Red Alert! Banking Suspicious Activity Going On ACT NOW!!!!!!

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February 3, 2013 in Preparedness


Here is breaking news my bank website is showing covert suspect activity. My security steps to access my online banking has been usurped. I analyzed some and when I phoned bank they were asking questions they weren’t supposed to be asking everyone should only keep a bare minimum in the bank. It can and will happen at any moment your money will either disappear and blamed on hackers or you just won’t have access as it won’t let you access your accounts. Think about it that’s why they are pushing paperless accounts! Print statements daily don’t let them get away with it. Take my advise or be prepared to suffer the consequences. I know exactly how I believe our bank accounts are going to be robbed. Listen up DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME secure your money NOW!!!

If your bank starts asking questions they already have answers to wake up there is something going on especially if safety image is black instead of picture you chose when you setup online banking. Mine was like that. Do not proceed they are also going to use apple id’s to wipeout accounts claiming that you used your money when you didn’t. There are several ways that they are going to try.

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  1. I have heard this before! It believe it! Although I bank with a credit union, they fall under the same system. Think about buying needed supplies with your excess savings!

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