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Real survival supplies & equipment

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November 13, 2012 in Preparedness


After having been in the military surplus business for 20 years and the getting out of it 10 years ago and focusing on collectibles, I have decide to active some of my best and mst interesting global contact to again bring many hard to find and unique items to the public. This reemergence is a result of being associated with InfoWars and having lived on the front lines of resistance…Austin Texas.

Now, back behind enemy lines in Houston, I will be converting part of my website http://mikeforceacquisitionandsales.ecrater.com/ and adding a survival page. I urge you to keep checking it as I will be continuously adding more items as we get them in. I assure you, it will have offerings unlike at any other and will have pricing to help all REAL Patriots.

If, after viewing my site’s offering, you don’t see what your looking for drop me a line and let me know what your needs are. I will use my sources to get you what you need and where you want it.

May the force of good be with you,

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2 responses to Real survival supplies & equipment

  1. I keep forgetting to let you people know about a method of communication, which cannot be intercepted by anyone, other than the intended recipient.
    Using a laser pointer at one end and a solar panel to receive and visa versa, private communication can be achieved (Line-of-sight (LOS)), with clear weather… This YouTube video is in french but by watching it, you’ll understand most of it anyway… If you think you need more detail, then find someone who understands French or Canadian French, to interpret it… Someone with a background in electronics would also be helpful… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QN1X6vXA-Y0&feature=share&list=PLEE9A6A16EE204419

    Good luck and please forward this to other groups, who could benefit by it…


  2. Thanks for posting….will have to check it out!

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