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Preparing your 72-hour “bug-out” bags.

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August 25, 2012 in Preparedness


Preparing your  72-hour “bug-out” bags.

This is an easy, cost-effective preparation that makes a ton of sense — no  matter what happens.

Even a small  preparation like this can have an  enormous impact on how   you survive  the first few days after any type of  catastrophic event.

I’ll bet   there were a lot of people  after Hurricane Katrina that would have  loved  to have such a bag for each  member of their family…

This  could be a backpack or bag of some sort  for each family member   that  contains all the items that individual may  need during the first  72   hours after a disaster strikes.

Items to include in such a bag would be toiletries,  important papers (see below), change of underwear and clothes, some  bottled water, snacks, a few bags of freeze-dried food  that only require two cups of hot water to reconstitute within  self-contained bag, water purification device, metal cup and small pot  for boiling water, backpacker mini-cook stove with fuel, sleeping bag,  towel, ability to make fire, flashlight with extra batteries, glow  sticks, ground cloth, tarp, rain gear, plastic forks, knives, spoons,  parachute cord, personal cleaning wipes, a first aid kit and medication, good sharp  knife and a multi-tool, fishing line, small fishing hooks, compass,  cash, physical gold and silver, map of areas you may need,  and any other items that would make sense for you.

Special items required by the elderly, babies, and pets need to be considered as well.

Important paperwork you should bring with you includes:  birth certificates, insurance  policies, passports, medical records, pet  medical records, bank account  information, deeds and titles to cars, homes  etc., computer backup.

Gather these and put them in a suitable  container and wrap in plastic against the elements.

Having  such preparations after a tornado, hurricane, or any calamity  would  allow you to grab and go because it’s already prepared.

Each  member of the  family should have  such a bag.



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10 responses to Preparing your 72-hour “bug-out” bags.

  1. Really good idea. Thanks for sharing this article.

  2. Hi, I’m in the UK here, but I’ve noticed none of these survival bags include a gun. If I were to make a survival bug out bag, I wouldn’t be carrying gold and silver, I’d have a gun.

    Here’s hoping 1776 fever sweeps over the pond!

    • sure survival bags don’t include a gun because you won’t be storing it in a bag ….

    • Chrispy if you are expecting British Society to suddenly gain a backbone then you are clearly very much mistaken.

      I have flirted with the idea of gaining a firearm certificate just in case the worst should happen but seeing as there is such a minority of gun owners in the UK, anyone with a gun would be the first to be rounded up in the back of a jeep so there really isn’t much point. In the UK, our survival will be our resistance. As much as it sickens me to say this: but generally speaking the British are a bunch of tarts with no spines. They’d much rather be under a police-state then out trying to fight it.

      • That’s what decades of slick propoganda does. And when the government makes it such a hassle to procure vitamins, guns, non contaminated food and medicine, then it’s practically saying “join the underground economy.”

        Which is fine by me. A penny spent in the underground is a penny those bastards cannot tax, a penny that cannot buy a bullet to kill me or my fellow countrymen.

    • On this side of the pond we carry our guns……..all the time.

  3. Survival Kits are an important purchase.
    Not only do they need to be versatile, but they need to be high quality as well.
    After all, the lives of you and your loved ones depend on them.
    When you are purchasing bug out bags or survival equipment, you need to consider your surroundings, and your daily activities.
    Where and how do you spend your time?
    Are you in an office or other location for a substantial part of the day?

    If so, then you may want to consider storing multiple survival kits.
    Ideally, someone would have an office survival kit, a car emergency pack, and a home survival kit.
    That way, all of your major bases are covered.

    Another important consideration to keep in mind when you are purchasing survival bags or first aid kits, is that as much as possible, each person should carry their own survival gear.
    If you have a very small child, they may not be strong enough to carry their own emergency supplies.
    But otherwise, every adult should.

    That way, if you are ever separated from your loved ones, you aren’t separated from your survival supplies.

    Please keep in mind that even the best survival gear is not designed to eliminate every inconvenience from your life–you are storing emergency essentials that can keep you alive.
    ALL we are doing is sharing info …the actions depends on the reader…the wise peoples will study the info we each share and do the actions to prepare …. each are own way

    • I’m working on my second one, for my wife’s car since our child is always in that car. So we will have one in the house and one in her car.

  4. Good Post,
    1 key factor about having a “bug out bag” is KNOWING how to use the equipment that you are carrying. There are first aid, navagation, rope, fire, cooking and many other skills that will be required to make this equipment work for you, not against you. So in prepardness, there is 100 times the amount of “skull” preparedness over material preparedness. Just a point to ponder :P

    United We Stand
    Divided We Fall

    • Yes, knowledge is power. I take my BOB camping, you would be surprised how much you use it just camping. When I return I always replenish it.

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