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Preparedness for Food And Water Shortages.

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February 24, 2013 in Preparedness


Well, with this looming shaky economy and the threat of a financial collapse, and the further devaluation of the dollar and the rise in inflation; everyone needs to stock up on food and water.   While we are all in a frenzy on buying guns and ammo, it is important to stockpile water and food.  Many people are in step already in securing extra quantities of food, but much of the population is in a trance as usual.  Those people will be your main threat.  Some ideas on food and water preparedness:

1.  Grow vegetables and fruits and learn to can like people did years ago.   You can also can meats.

2.  Buy a food dehydrator and make jerky of various meats, fruits, and vegetables.   Buy a sealer to seal in the freshness for long periods of time.   This is very important for the patriot, that will be most likely on the run from the tyrannical forces of the government.  Pack in your survival gear, lots of jerky and dehydrated fruits, etc.   Should have a good supply of nuts for protein as well.

3.  People may need to get bigger containers to store large quantities in hidden secret hideaways. (ALONG with extra firearms and ammo!)

4.  Buy water containers and purify water and fill the containers and store in bulk in a hideaway as well.  Should probably have some purification tablets on hand for emergency situations.  Good for the patriot on the run trying to defend liberty.

To all fellow INFOWARRIORS, please post additional ideas on preparing for food and water shortages.

God Bless America!



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2 responses to Preparedness for Food And Water Shortages.

  1. Great post, 1. Did that, 2. some food can be dehydrated on a sunny day in a car. Oh and don’t forget the faraday cage!

  2. All good points. First of all you need water filtration/purification/distillation/evaporation/disinfection equipment. Also, the knowledge on how to use these, especially the chlorine dilution to add to water. Then you work on the long term storable foods. The knowledge on how to prepare all of the above, you need the tools and you need the product. Just buying all of this food will not save you. You have to plan when and how you store this food ahead of preparing the variety of the food. After that, you need fuel/fire/power to take care of some basics as well as the water and food. Shelter, the ability to bug out and other items come later in your preps. This is a process, one I hope to teach in Powerpoint presentations under the American Resolution (http://planet.infowars.com/groups/the-american-resolution), Preparedness Agenda. You have to join the main group, then the group that represents your state. Friend me or Wolfheart @owl1 to get into the Preparedness Agenda. I have a DVD/CD set that I can send to you to get a copy of my (and others) preparedness files. This will jumpstart your preparedness journey. Print up the articles, documents to be ready for the worse case scenario (EMP). Unless you harden your electronics, I am afraid they will be useless after an EMP. I enjoy friending others that are more prepared than most. I learn a lot from the conversations/chats.

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