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Power Grid Failure During Government Shutdown?

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October 16, 2013 in Preparedness


It’s been 15 days since the government shutdown, and the country has two days left to raise the debt ceiling or will face the prospect of defaulting on its bonds, a move that could collapse the dollar and send the global financial markets in a downward spiral.

The crisis has already hit home, thousands below the poverty line are left without food stamps and children left in starvation, Americans are finally realizing the serious consequences of the government shutdown. Could the banks and power grid be next?

In light of the constant stonewalling from our elected officials, not able to negotiate to end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling, the government could draft a stop-gap measure to end the shutdown and fund the government until mid-January, but what will happen after that? More of the same?

Since the government shutdown, vitally important government services have either been slowed or shutdown, this includes; Chemical Safety and Hazards Investigations, EPA, Consumer Product Safety Commission, CDC Viral Outbreak Detection, CIA, NASA, and many more federal agencies have been shutdown or furloughed. Not to mention fire department, childcare and social service grants.

We see the reality of what a government shutdown could bring, it might not all come down to this year, but next year or in the next 10-20 years, the potential for complete collapse of the system. The back-breaking national debt of $17 trillion will only get bigger, and stopping the avalanche will become even more difficult.

If the government shutdown continues, and refuses to negotiate to raise the debt ceiling before the deadline, we face even more shutdowns, of possibly the most vital government-owned data centers that run defense networks that protect such things like the power grid.

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This is a big possibility, the internet and the electrical grid is vital to the economy, large metropolitan cities would be left without pipelines, sewage plants, water delivery, banks, and all government and non-governmental services will be shut down. Martial law would be enacted and those without, will have to fend for themselves.

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It’s not a matter of IF the government will completely leave the American people to fend for themselves, it’s already happening, it’s a matter of how much worse it could possibly get.

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