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Planning Family Survival

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December 26, 2012 in Preparedness


When planning for Family Survival it can seem overwhelming, I know all too well.    However, my goal is to be here for you to help out in the planning for family survival if any kind of disaster, whether natural or not, should happen. You can go directly here to find out more: http://www.tinyurl.com/a2gc3jf

Everyday there are headlines in the news about some form of disaster or crisis and that alone should be motivation to make sure your family’s survival is a number one priority in case anything should happen.  It is your obligation to make sure your family is safe and secure at all times and you should be prepared, if not already, as quickly as you can.  How long do you think it will take for the grocery stores to be emptied if a disaster happened?  There are many articles stating that if a disaster did happen it would take no more than 3 days for them to be completely wiped out.  Basically, the entire world is 3 days away from starvation.  So it is critical to have a family survival plan in place in case of a disaster or crisis.  In my opinion you should
have a family survival plan that includes some basic elements which are:

1. Enough supplies to last at least 14 days for a minimal disaster scenario.
2. Enough supplies to last at least 3-6 months for a moderate disaster or crisis.
3. The skills and abilities to provide clothing, food, shelter for your family to last at least 7 years in a severe disaster.
4. The desire to survive extreme circumstances without sacrificing your humanity or values.

Before you begin your family survival food storage, it is critical to have a basic plan.  I would start with making a list of emergency numbers like work, school, family members, and setting up a place to meet.  You would also need an emergency preparedness kit (72 hour food kit, medical supplies, water, ect) for all of your family members giving the situation you are not all together when it first happens.  Most likely you will be away from home the day the SHTF.  Next, start looking for a storage space.  You will want to find the coolest place in your home (temperature wise).  Clean it all out including dirt and dust and think about setting up shelves.  Next start taking up and inventory of your family survival supplies.  Start with what you already have, then what you need, and then make a schedule to aquire things at a later date.  Make it a family event as well, get the kids involved so they know where things are and so they know what family survival is all about.  Set deadlines and take it a step at a time. This will help in making it not so overwhelming.  Next determine your budget and how much you can spend a month on supplies, and try aquiring whatever you can afford whenever you can afford it.  Once you get everything down and have set dates and everything is on paper, you will be ready to start your family survival food storage.  There are food storage guidelines you will want to follow for family survival, like how much food, long term food storage, long term shelf life, short term shelf life, food storage questions, grow your own food, learn how to store and purify water, emergency shelter, emergency lighting, emergency heating, how to cook when the power is out, and so much more! I can send you free ebooks on these types of family survival guides too!  Disasters usually come without warning, inflation creeps up on us slowly, I don’t want you to be vurnerable. If you hear it on the 6 O’clock news it too late already. Family survival is key and if we all work together, it will get accomplished. To learn more go here: http://www.tinyurl.com/a2gc3jf




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