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January 2, 2013 in Preparedness


The demented plots of corrupted officials really only has an artificial stranglehold on society. It is comparable to a shallow pit that the public is stuck in. The issue is not as much the pit itself but rather people who choose to remain within because that’s all they have ever known. They probably think it keeps them safer while sacrificing a greater destiny for themselves and those around them. Delusional victims choose to accept lies as though that could increase life. Break free from the shallowness of “artificial” society which attempts to convince you aren’t capable. The great lie that every citizen isn’t just as “powerful” as the last. Those controlled by their lusts have no sense, they tend to live by darkness wanting nothing more than minor confusion. Everything is clear in the light of truth. It is wise to review who you truly are within, seek the intentions of your heart then pursue greater love and appreciation of potential. The so-called NWO is not in full control yet. This opportunity for a bright future of life, liberty, justice and happiness for all shall not be neglected. The Constitution is still law, it is them breaking the Law!

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