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North Korea ‘dream’ video shows U.S. city under missile attack

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February 5, 2013 in Preparedness



Here’s video – http://youtu.be/PauQJpAE_6M

This video makes me wonder if that google exec meeting with North Korea last month had anything to do with this.


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6 responses to North Korea ‘dream’ video shows U.S. city under missile attack

  1. The bad CGI and the horrible rendition of this song has me worried lol

  2. This video is boring. North Korea has been allowed to fester just so they can rattle their sword whenever we need a distraction.

  3. It got deleted here is another link to the vid http://youtu.be/PauQJpAE_6M
    If that gets deleted search youtube for “North Korea ‘dream’ video” and if find one not deleted then post link here again.

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