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No Turning Back

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December 31, 2012 in Preparedness


We are in a major crisis as we speak, a situation that most likely cannot be reversed.  We have a government that does not look out for the interests of the American people, but only looks out for how much more they can fit into their wallets.  I will admit, they are good at what they do.  They have had the majority of America fooled for decades.  They still have most of us brainwashed, and I wish I  could turn the switch off.  I can only show you the facts and theories, I can give you enough information to paint an ugly picture of the United States has become and what it is becoming, but I can not make you see the destruction if all the fluoride and chemicals has had you on the equivalent of a disney vacation on LSD.  I know it is going to take more than a pinch to wake people up, so that is why I do what I do on a daily basis.  The time is now people.  It is time to wake up and start preparing yourselves.  If TSHTF tomorrow, what the fuck would you do?  Would your family be protected?  How would you feel if “IT” happened within the next week, and you had to watch your family beg for food and water, and you had the opportunity to make sure your family was safe, and had somewhat of a plan, but decided it was not important enough because you think it will never happen?  Did you know that there are people on the East Coast still, as of today, without power from Hurricane Sandy?  Still living in Fema Camps that will not let them leave?  The mainstream media will not cover these things.  It is time you did your own research and stop watching Fox News.  Just be prepared, it really does not take that much effort and your family and friends will thank you later.



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2 responses to No Turning Back

  1. C said on January 6, 2013

    “America” [and Americans] have become a “let’s wait until it gets so bad we HAVE to do “something” people – and that [usually] will be “something” which is unwise, at the last minute, not well planned or thought out, unrealistic, self destructive, desperate, ridiculous and un-American.

    We are overwhelmed by the insanity, stupidity and the evil of those who think 2+2= 3 and MANY who believe that 2+2= 2, so how are we to EVER pull “our country” out of ANYTHING?

    There are MILLIONS of Americans who actually still believe that “The Government” will come and “save them” when something “bad” happens and scores who stake their security from faith that “The Police” will be there to protect them when they are threatened – HOW are we to address and cure that mental futility?

    These many [many] Americans [fools] charge themselves to the brink of bankruptcy, have little to no reserves saved, prepare for NOTHING which might happen [even the most predictable things] expecting somebody else to take care of them when they’re in need and over-extend themselves in every way possible without regard to or respect for all of the “bad things” which regularly happen to MILLIONS of people here and all over The World EVERY DAY.

    These are the same “people” who all of the BILLIONS of dollars of “political advertising and strategies” are aimed at to enable The [crazy] Left to achieve their [crazy] maniacal ends, as these IMBECILES will fall for just about anything these days, AND they are very easily manipulated through their own naivete, ignorance and desperation which makes them hugely vulnerable and quite “pliable”.

    Goodnight America, it’s been an interesting ride.

  2. Good message, even though the video is good, you should really write what you know into SHTF articles, I think you probably have alot more to say than you think. Your sense of urgency is right on the mark, this is all happening so much faster than what I thought that it is even catching me by surprise and I thought I was prepared.

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