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NEXRAD HAARP ATTACK! Amarillo, TX-11:10> AM CDT 06/09/13:

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September 6, 2013 in Preparedness


I cannot keep up with the activity that is going down today! I have three ongoing breaking stories that I do not have time to write!

 Amarillo, TX has been hit this late morning with a Massive Modulated Pulse Wave – here are some of the many images out of Amarillo, TX; showing the recorded diameter of the Pulsed HAARP event… My feeling is that these waves are covering more area than the system shows. It seems logical that there would be a tapering effect or a feathering of the Electromagnetic Burst! Time Stamp 11:15 AM CDT.

imageimage imageNote that in the image below, the magenta color is off the charts, it is not on the legend.imageimageimageimageimageThere; from approximately 11:00 AM CDT, through 11:30 AM, a five state area was under Electromagnetic Attack! 

They were frying you in covert operations. Just as Fukushima Radiation does, it is invisible to your physical senses. That does not engate it!

How long are you willing to stay quite about this? It is not just out of TX today. There are several other regions ready to document. By the time it can be presented there is likely to be new data with regard to strength and durations.  

For your update: Otter Walks on Two Feet…  6th September 2013 

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3 responses to NEXRAD HAARP ATTACK! Amarillo, TX-11:10> AM CDT 06/09/13:

  1. Featured on infowars! http://www.infowars.com/nexrad-haarp-attack/

    I wonder what the clouds were doing during this? There was an app that had live time clouds over the globe and the ability to go back in time and see the movement.. hmm

    • Howdy lou, I feel first, Thank you for the Communiqué… Regarding the targeted region, the satellite imagery was clear skies for Amarillo, TX at the time of the event. That was largely due to one of its intended uses. It aided in Weather Modification by pushing energy/pressure southward. There has been an Operation going which is very visible in todays radar imagery. Having mentioned that moisture was being driven westward, from FL along the Gulf to southern Texas, by the NEXRAD Laser systems, this blast aided in the turning of and the compaction of the moisture being collected. That stream of atmospheric moisture is presenting today through AZ, then arcing up to the North. It seems to be being held off of a direct prevailing Westerly flow by the non-stop St. Louis beam, with generally speaking, all of the NEXRAD systems east of the arc in concert. You will also see San Diego, CA (Poway…) Nexrad running big, as it helps to steer the moisture into the man made low pressure channel that has been created. Thereby, there is a path with less friction. It creates a vein that the currents naturally migrate to and flow within. There have been Extreme Weather Events showing up on radar today, in particular, out of Romeoville, IL, though you can see the loop from the Gulf across southern Texas, storms in AZ, then a northeasterly flow up and across the northern border states of mid-America. More to come on events and their repercussions along with the base intent of the agenda… Be well, o… 9th September 2013 5:20 PM EDT

  2. Hi “C-rat,” Sorry a bit punchy now. About to put up the third HAARP ring event of the day, South Carolina! (Can you say NUKES? …) Many of your questions will be answered in this article. You will find more data in an article written years ago called “A Glimpse of Geo-Engineering Methodology”. It has been published over the web. This is a friends site — http://modernsurvivalblog.com/current-events-economics-politics/geo-engineering-system-agenda/
    It is also back in the beginning of my Planet Infowars Archive. It has many of the locations. Now that there are portable units both on land and at sea, it is hard to say where they all are. When The October surprise, Hurricane Sandy went down, I triangulated Gakona, Ak, Puerto Rico, and The UK as the three systems working together to drive the storm. The thing with HAARP which is a label for a very broad spectrum of covert operations, is that where we were once bound by line of site, we now have a system analogous with pool, croquet, or racket ball. It is over the horizon acquired targeting. In point of fact the 3 to 3.6 Billion Watts of Power can be bounced around the globe. Up from one site as VHF, turning to Elf in the ionosphere, returning to earth as VHF again. If it has been sent to another systems location they act as a transformer station, boosting the artificial Plasmic wave form and sending it on its way to a new target or relay point. When three work in unison they hit the center of the triangle that they surround. There are HAARP arrays in Chile, on Long Island, Greenland, Southern Australia, Tasmania, and many more which are run under the auspices of the US. Alaska has six arrays that we know of. The one 300 miles north of Gakona near Fairbanks is far stronger, as is the Australian system. Russia has systems different from ours, composed of Tesla Coils and way more powerful than our US systems. Their Sura location is the best known. China has many systems, not to be outdone by anyone else. It is a world gone “MAD” – Mutually Assured Destruction… Sorry, loosing it here, no sleep for days again, and running out of free Gb on this laptop login I have access to. If they keep going at this rate my 35.10 GB will be used up soon… I am going to have to ask for donated Mac units without Hard drives. “Crew” can install new hard drives if anyone upgrades their Mac systems and will trade or give the emptied Tech carcass to me… Oh well, another day… Hey, Be well, Thank you again for the comment. keeps me thinking… o… 7th September 2013 3:45 AM EDT

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