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Neighborhood Solidarity

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November 18, 2012 in Preparedness


I think we need to take our cities and counties back, as you’ve said, but let
the rest, state and nation take care of itself organically. Really, from a
practical standpoint, with regard to efficacy and the economy of time, our
neighborhoods are the natural spheres of activity for our assertion of
sovereignty. It’s our next-door neighbors we want to be friends with, with
whom we want to establish solidarity, even if we don’t like each other very
much, with food safety and security being the immediate priority of neighborhood
organization. If we can do this in our own neighborhoods, we can certainly
encourage adjoining neighborhoods to embrace the effort, because these
relationships are as necessary and important as the food safety and security
we accomplish locally. You see, this is real preparedness, for anything. And
we can’t be confidently secure in our own neighborhoods and homes unless we
extended our solidarity to others. We Americans easily have ample self-government
experience for designing and refining our mechanisms for communication,
decision making, cooperation, industry and exchange, and for organizing
ourselves legitimately in a way that honors our traditions and ideals. And
don’t we have a perfectly common desire to be one people? Together we have
every talent and skill necessary. The fact is, we are indeed capable of
turning our backs entirely on this entirely corrupted system, if we only
find the will to do it. What happens if we don’t?

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