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Mystery Babylon programs 1 – 10 Your Doorway to Understanding Why Your New World is not like the Past One.

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January 29, 2015 in Preparedness


Do you realize that William Cooper was taken from this world a month after 9/11 chaos… He said JFK was the signal that America is changing towards collectivism. He said Ruby Ridge was the first attack against your freedoms. Waco, Texas was the second attack of your constitution. I just found out about William Cooper’s death a couple months ago… People… Have you listened to this guy? He stood front line to uphold your constitution and bill of God given rights… And I didn’t know I almost passed through his town months before he was shot. And he is kind of a hidden/unknown. I even see his original web page

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Who else in America has put so much of his life and love outwards to maintain the American freedoms and he is rather unknown… The way he saw it is that he died fighting for your constitution and your bill of rights. Looks like he was actually fighting for the world’s people rights for being free against tyranny.

Tyranny is not rapping on the door asking to come in, It has a battering ram setup quite nicely positioned and it seems it has changed the lock, also, on freedoms door. How could this happen?


Transcripts found here: https://archive.org/details/MysteryBabylonSeries-WilliamCoopertranscriptIncl


Yuri Bezmanov told us how it is being done back in 1985

Cultural Marxism is the latest name for the slow process of, of … well … sacrificing alot of innocent North Americans.

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