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Maybe ‘this is hell’

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December 8, 2016 in Preparedness


I’m sure it can get worse but the thought hit me that what if when people die and don’t go to heaven they do sleep yet ‘dream’. It’s like their trapped within themselves and were never set free, no matter what happens to the physical body. Then in like a nightmare network, all of the people from the world sentenced to hell live it out practically forever. That’s until the planet enters the corona then that’s possibly when whoever persevered still having love appreciating truth than they will be saved. My advice is not to go there to begin with because from my calculations that would be at least a billion years… yet there you never know if time goes faster or slower. I say all this because I’m concerned about the health of humanity and I wonder about these things. It really does seem like a lot of people aren’t going to make it.

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