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February 3, 2013 in Preparedness


everyone should be mad enuff at this guy n his puppeteirs pullin the strings till the robots are ready 2 take controll meanwhile poisining us and crashing our economy 2 reduce us to only 10% of the hundred we have now  and its fast so wake up people nazis are here been here for 60+years them n there ufos are coming here ill give u some some key words 2 look up u decide share this list with people you like,robot hacking, fbi, speech jamming guns,invisable lasers, terrorist, terror, power, alex jones,marshel law with alex jones,  big government, marxist/comunist/socalist, anonymous, hacker groups, security, cia, nsa,summer fire festival, pentagon, internet, cyber security, internet kill switch, darpa cheetah robot, free speech,,ci,a leader is a nazi,nato=al qaeda,AL CIADA, technology, plutonium pills,enslave, slave, freedom,libia emergency room videos,obama crys, rockerfella,melomine , chinesse baby deaths/melomine,melomine in your babys formula,japan dead , speech jamming gun, silence, brain control,causes of stuttering , research, nwo, new world order,rnc,CHEMTRAILS,illuminati, riot, OAKLAND riot control,home invasion,red dawn, police state, high tech,death camps/femacamps super tuesday, primary, vote ron paul, ron paul LAST SPEECH TO CONGRESS, ron paul president,e.l.f extreemly low frequency,echelon,g.w.e.n.,greada treaty neuro electrical frequency weapons 2012,ITERLOCKING CORPERATIONS, obama, romney, power, gop race, voters, state, usa,, us, LIBERITY ,america,AGENDA 21,REAL? campaign, alex jones, techbytigz, the unseen forces,molock the owl alaska , third gunman , nephilim,cremation of care, death panels, OBAMA CARE,obamas lies , RIFID CHIPS ,MINDCONTROLL,incectSPYdrones,wake^,2016,bilderberg group,bohemian grove,cern,hollow earth,scull and bones,land of nod,free masons,naziz killed all the jews ,fake news / false flag ,murderous globalist ,nazi ufos,neu schwabenland projet paperclip,CPS KILLIN KIDS,darpa products,tsa rapes kids, BOHEIMIEN KILLS KIDS,DAVID ICKE,check points,nano bots invaccines and rfid chips,operation northwoods, nano bots the smallest assasins ,tank drones,911 was a inside job,carbon taxes,geoengineering, globist plans ,haarp program,chemtrails,neotame,united nations,un gun treaty,autism caused by vaccines&fluoride IN YOUR WATER,autism like sypmntoms caused by vaccines,chemtrails,mouse pox,fluorideand gmo gentically modified organism,MAMMOUTH CAVE TO HALLOW EArth,land of nod in the hallow genesis6,earth/giants ,INFANT DEATHS, CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS ARE GONE, garden of eden, poliCE BRUTALITY ,master of puppets,where was cane sent after he killed his brother,TSA ,chalkupy brutality,they live,tsa CHECKPOINTS,knights templar,rsbt growth hormone,ww 11 where the nazis went ,military gearing up for civil unrest, skynet,mindcontrol,tv and mind control,MARSHAL LAW,UN GUN TREATY,look UP all of these subjects up for you owe it 2 urself and family 2 look this up  your freind wexthexpeople

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