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living in turmoil from globalism

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October 23, 2015 in Preparedness


Everyone on earth has felt the aftermath from the seemingly never ending globalists’ conquest for world domination. As a young man I was targeted by these people and never was it to join them but to be downtrodden upon forever if they could have their way. I’m not sure what results came out of their evaluations on me yet whatever they were greatly intimidated them. If you ask me it was probably somewhere between my spiritual gifts and how scientifically my mind tends to operate are what left them feeling threatened by my very existence. Made me wonder why they didn’t just put a bullet in my head that night… I suppose they must’ve had other plans. Whatever it was hasn’t gone accordingly because I’m not exactly same person that they had covertly evaluated before, or atleast I like to try to be positive as much as I can about the situation. Honestly I don’t know how much time I have left. Whatever they had done to me definitely was detrimental. It’s pretty much only God who has kept me intact, provided times of restoration and led me to great accomplishments despite the globalists’ wishes.

I remember I made the statement before that after humanity is largely successful that I just want to do what George Washington had done after the end of his career. The reason I made that remark is out of concern for what could become of my own state of health. I’m a very sensitive person but that doesn’t mean that I can’t handle a lot. I mean many people have lived greatly despite hardships of health conditions but the big difference is whatever the globalists did to me wasn’t natural. The spirit is far more significant than the flesh so maybe I’m being mellow dramatic here. I don’t know… it’s just something I’ve had to live with that if mentioned people never look at me the same. What happened to me isn’t very far out of the ordinary considering how it happens everyday. The establishment wants to make it looks trendy so people do it under their own will yet behind the facade it’s completely tyrannical. I had always thought the science would be more than enough so I try to stray away from me personally so that people don’t get distracted from the overall big picture of what’s most important.

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