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October 3, 2015 in Preparedness


I become a believer when my brother was sentenced to life in prison at age 22, and all evidence pointed to another person, but because they were at the studios and wanting to hang out with big league people thats where he ended up, because he would not comply with their rules. I had decided to go get my degree in paralegal studies, with my major being in research after the vet clinic i work for had to cut my hours by more than half. I am raising my son along with 2 nephews, and It made me want to stop them more and to help anyone to stop or help them find the truth when they took all my school funding from me and the boys, because I wrote a 26 page college paper about them and the horrible things they do. The boys lost all their things, our house, our car, our animals, we now live in a small camper in a backyard of a couples house. The boys have nothing to do except use their imaginations to occupy themselves, we get showers in the hose outside, and hand wash all our clothes now. They need to be stopped just because they dont want someone telling the truth about them and actually standing up to them they never have the right to take away or make little kids lives miserable, so now I am putting all my extra effort into help stoping them, I work to pay for food and classes, because I will not let them win. I will do whatever it takes to put a stop on them,expose them and make them pay for their crimes.

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