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Lindsey Williams: The Latest Data Dump

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December 5, 2013 in Preparedness


Listen to the full interview

And here’s the cheat sheet I wrote down:

The bank holidays are still another year off. 30-50% of pension funds, public and private, are to be confiscated between now and then. Following that will be a currency devaluation. The effects of the devaluation won’t be felt for 30-60 days, therefore the elite don’t expect there to be any riots. The American dollar will lose world reserve status.

Within the next 90 days there will be a global currency reset. This is not a collapse of the American dollar, but it will cause the dollar to lose world reserve status. This will create the excuse for the government to steal the pension funds.

This global currency reset is the “biggest financial event in the last 1,000 years” that Lindsey wouldn’t talk about until yesterday when he broke it down on Goldseek radio. 204 countries have made an agreement with the IMF to revalue their currencies to within 5% of each other. This will end the currency wars and give the new world order full control. There will be no announcement ahead of time. Everything will seem fine until prices start to rise.

Currencies will be reset according to the assets of each country. China has all the assets and the United States has all the debt. The US dollar will be reset down by 30% it’s current value.

There is a new global currency ready to take the dollar’s place as world reserve currency, but Lindsey’s source hasn’t told him what it is. It will, however, be gold backed.

The Federal Reserve bought up every mortgage in the United States (they called it QE3) so that when prices get so out of control that paying your mortgage becomes impossible, the Federal Reserve will own everybody’s house. They’ll let you stay there as long as you pay rent and live by their rules.

About a week to a week and a half ago Lindsey Williams got an email from his elite friend. The elite have been using microwave frequencies from smart meters to dumb us down over the last couple of years. They’ve done this specifically to prevent Americans from becoming upset over what the elite are about to do to them and this is the reason they feel confident that there will be no riots or protests in the streets next year. Lindsey verified this information with research from Barrie Trower, a scientist in Switzerland. He recommends that you ask Trower to come to your area and give a free lecture on the psychological effects of smart meters.

Watch the news closely over the next three months. When you see that Lindsey’s source was right about the global currency reset, you’ll have no choice but to conclude that he’s also right about everything else too, including the smart meters and what they’re doing to our brains.

Lindsey refers to an IMF meeting held October 9, the minutes of which were just released last week. The report is called “Taxing Times”. In it, the IMF recommends that the United States do the following:

Increase taxes
New capital controls
Sieze retirement funds
Bring the national debt down to pre-crisis 2007 levels

Lindsey Williams is has released a new DVD “Global Currency Reset” on prophecyclub.com and it should show up on lindseywilliams.net any time now.

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