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Lindsey Williams New Emergency DVD: New Signs Of The Elite

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April 18, 2013 in Preparedness


“A few minutes ago I was on the phone with my elite friend. I must tell you what he said. The survival of your family may depend on it.

You and your family do not need to suffer. Many people made great fortunes during the Great Depression in 1929. You can prosper during the days ahead if you heed what my Elite friend is advising me.

I contacted a second Elite friend to confirm what the first had said. This DVD is made to tell what I was told.

This DVD is compacted into one DVD and is REDUCED 70% from the previous series of four discs. Now only $27. I feel everyone must know this information.

I promised to let you know every time I receive something you need to know. You will not get this information from any other source.”

  • Cyprus – The startling Real Story
  • The American Dollar – How long?????
  • Healthcare – A trap
  • America – The world’s only hope
  • Saudi Arabia – Look out
  • Iran – Sabre rattling
  • Derivatives – Collapse being discussed
  • (Behind closed doors, all of these things have been discussed)
  • order at lindseywilliams.net

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    2 responses to Lindsey Williams New Emergency DVD: New Signs Of The Elite

    1. Lindsey Williams wants us to buy his DVD collection. To get the information for free, visit Steve Quayle’s web site, and Doug Haggman’s and don’t forget Stan Deyo’s web site. I’ll put my money into food, supplies rather than entertainment.

      • Lindsey’s going to give all the information for free on the Alex Jones Show this tuesday. People don’t buy the DVDs because they really want them, it’s just their way of thanking him for his work.

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